Education Ministry Warns Against Graduation Of 12th Graders Ahead of WASSCE Official Results, Urge Parents To Send Their Children To School On June 7

The Liberian Government says it will not hesitate to deal with any school found graduating 12th graders before the official release of the 2019 WASSCE results.

Speaking at a news conference in Monrovia, Education Minister Professor Ansu Sonni said all secondary schools are to await the official results from WAEC before graduating any student, stating it won’t encourage anything termed as thanksgiving service as well.

According to Minister Sonni, graduation should only include scholars and not allowing students who failed the WASSCE exams to graduate.

Minister Sonni furthered that those who failed the 2018 WASSCE exams should take advantage of the re-sitter program, adding that no one is considered a high school graduate until they passed the WASSCE exam.

Meanwhile, Minister Sonni is urging parents to send their children to school, saying all learning institutions will remain open on June 7, while challenging parents not to fear anything relative to the planned protest.

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