Liberian Government Execute Search Warrant At Representative Yekeh Kolubah’s Residence Following Court Orders

Monrovia: The Monrovia City Court on Wednesday granted a request by the Liberian government for a warrant to search the home of the Montserrado District # 10 lawmaker Yekeh Kolubah.

Our reporter who witnessed the search said even though court sheriffs executing the search failed to present a copy of the warrant to have an understanding of what was being searched, they were still allowed to search the Representative home.

According to our Justice reporter, the court sheriffs were in search of firearms and other weaponry following a tip of that Mr. Kolubah was in possession of a weapon.

Our reporter said after nearly an hour of search at the home of the lawmaker, the sheriffs backed by armed police officers, departed without uttering the outcome of their search.

Speaking after the search, Representative Yekeh Kolubah accused President George Weah of instigating the move.

Early Wednesday morning, riot police officers were seen deployed at the home of the ANC’s lawmaker.

According to Representative Kolubah, he is yet to get an explanation on the reason behind the huge deployment of armed police officers at his Oldroad residence.

Mr. Kolubah told journalists that he has written the plenary of the House of Representatives, complaining of harassment.

At the same time, Kolubah has denied report of being linked to the flogging of a man identified as Emmanuel Shanon.

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