Liberians Gear Up For June 7 Protest As Diaspora Liberians Feels The Brunt Of Protest


On Friday, thousands of Liberians will gather in Monrovia to protest against the George Weah led government for untold economic hardship facing the country that is according to a group of Liberians under the Banner “Council Of Patriots” organizers of the protest.

As the day draws closer, Liberians around waterside, Duala, Gardnerville, and Paynesville were seen purchasing and stockpiling on food items and other groceries in preparation for the protest.

Our reporter who roamed the streets of Monrovia said many of the people he spoke to express fear and doubts about the true intent of the protesters saying “what they are terming as “peaceful protest” might, in fact, lead to chaos or another civil war.”

“My brother, I am just here to buy my food and be prepare just in case this thing turns into something else.” Geraldine Kollie told our reporter.

According to our reporter, tensions are flaring up in Monrovia with crowds gathering at different locations and huge police presence on major streets but the rest of the Country appears relatively calm.

Meanwhile, Liberians in the diaspora are said to be feeling the brunt of the protest in Liberia as many are going beyond their budget to provide for their families and love ones back home.

The Monrovia Times on Thursday, June 6, 2019, took a tour around the Woodland Avenue in Philadelphia, home to a large Liberian community to ask questions about the June 7 protest. Many of those interviewed express their support for a peaceful protest void of violence and chaos and caution the protesters to remain peaceful why others said there is no need to protest.
Many complained that due to the protest most of their relatives and family members in Liberia are calling them begging for money to buy food and other necessary items for stockpiling.

“We are forced to send them money because we don’t know what will happen, that’s Liberia we talking here so, this thing happens before and it can happen again.” A woman called Magritte told The Monrovia Times.

“We are all praying for this protest to be peaceful my brother, nobody want war in Liberia but we know the history. We know that protest get us where we are so we are all on edge even though we are not in Liberia.” said Adama Sheriff.

As they day came to an end, Many bystanders on Woodland Avenue were seen glue to their mobile phones watching live facebook feed from Monrovia.

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