SRC Employees Rubbished Green Advocate’s Sexual Harassment Claim

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Liberia: In the wake of an alleged sexual harassment report published by Green Advocate in 2019 against the management of the Salala Rubber Corporation (SRC), several employees of the Company including men, women and students have rubbished the report.

The employees at an elaborate meeting held in German Camp #4 on Tuesday, June 4, 2019 said at no time has the SRC management carried out sexual harassment against any females before offering them jobs as claimed by Green Advocate.

Rev. Henry K. George, an employee of SRC in his statement said he have not heard anything relating to sexual exploitation or sex for jobs.

“I have not heard anything like sexual and exploitation, and I work here as a Superintendent I set the nursery where the people working today as a warehouse; the rubber in Camp 5 and that of Camp 3 we planted all the rubber around here I have not heard about sexual exploitation or sex for jobs.” he repeatedly sounded.

Rev. George also clarified that no managerial staff of the Company has ever asked any worker for sex in return for job as being alleged by Green Advocate in its 2019 report.

Additionally, the SRC worker lamented that the allegation from the group is false and misleading terming them as people who want to criminally generate money.

“If I want money from you it is better I ask you please help me but it is not to go under falsehood to exploit money from people and that is not correct” he added.

He also clarified that no land was taken away from any citizen by the Company stating that the Company signed a lease agreement with the Government of Liberia in 1960 before opening a rubber plantation.

Rev. George further narrated that owners of crops were resettled by the Company and photos were taken. He concluded by saying from manager to janitor, no one on the plantation has asked anyone for sex before getting jobs, noting, ‘no sex for job; no sexual harassment here’.

Another employee, Fatu Morris speaking through an interpreter said since 2007 she started working with the Company; she has not experienced sexual harassment in any part of the plantation.

“Since 2017 June 1st I started working here, no man has said to me let’s go in the bush to have something to do before I give you job” she indicated.

Madam Morris said she was promoted by the Company without being sexually harassed by any man. She warned those (Green Advocate) that are carrying rumors around and disgracing them as women in the name of collecting money to stop.

For her part, Helena Flomo another employee said since she joined the SRC family, no one has told her that they have been exploited sexually neither has she (Helena) experience it thereby calling on those in the act of disgracing them (women) to desist.

“I work here with SRC, before women started slashing here I was the first woman that they called me to organize people to slash with me; when I was slashing I was head lady from there I became cup cleaner head from there right now I slashing head, since I been working in my life or not to hear from any other person that somebody tell them say love to me before I can give you job and I who standing here it had not happened to me I don’t know about it so if the people going around lying saying that what women are saying they are disgracing us but that disgrace their own will be worse than our own” she recounted.

Another lady identified as Kaymah explained that since 2008 she started work with the Company serving as cup cleaner, rubbing medicine on rubber trees, worked with the SRC School System, later went to boiling class and now she is working with the Security department no heads have proposed love to her before offering her any of the positions mentioned by her.

According to Madam Kaymah, her Bosses always giving her job based on her effort adding, if at all you want to be sitting to your house you get your owner money maybe you will just pass that side you say the Bossman wants me or you go tell the people that want to be collecting money from other people to just lie and bring a lot of disgrace to we the women that in this plantation, but some of us that not our body giving us money’.

She maintained that it is not their body that is giving them money but rather their physical strength.

Meanwhile, a student of the SRC School System H. Dolopei, Jr. reading a position statement said they were shocked to hear that the Company which is providing life necessities for Liberians are accused of dehumanization of people on the plantation.

“We want to write it very clear that the statement is false, diabolical, satanic, misleading and intended to destroy the good image of SRC” he stated.

Dolopei said SRC has over the years continued to provide jobs for their parents, sound education, good health and conducive condition for not only its employees but for all that live within the plantation and its environs.

He said there is no sexual exploitation, child labor or any kind of dehumanization of people on the plantation as alleged by the “So-call Green Advocate”.

Student Dolopei, “we, therefore, denounce the satanic statement from GREEN ADVOCATE against SRC and warn them to stop spreading misleading information about our Company that is doing so much for us. If you can’t help us don’t hurt us before you get the worse punishment God almighty”.

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