Montserrado County Lawmaker Acarous Gray Thursday Faced Police Probe


Montserrado County District # 8 Representative Acarous Gray Thursday faced probe by the Liberian National Police on account that he ordered the flogging of a district resident.

A complaint was filed by Boye Cooper, owner of Shawtown Bar on 9th street, alleged he was beaten on the order of Representative Gray.

But Representative Gray speaking with Journalists said allegation linking him to the flogging of Mr. Cooper was untrue.

According to him, the community had complained to him several times about the loudness of musical instrument played at the Shawtown Bar.

Gray said he made several attempts to mediate between residents Boye to put the situation under control but said the outcome of such effort was fruitless.

He disclosed that he went to the area Wednesday and tried to engage Boye on the same issue of the sound system, but he (Boye) made some comments that provoked a resident to remind him that he was talking to a lawmaker.

The lawmaker mentioned that Boy and the district resident later went into a fist fight, dismissing reports that he (Gray) instigated the altercation.

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  1. This pikin can lie! He think he knows how to put words together. Chay!!! Somebody’s child, you get the guts to order to flog neh. ICC waiting for y’all.

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