President Weah Will No Longer Tolerate Insults Directed At Him After June 7 Protest


Liberia’s president Weah has said that he will no longer tolerate those who insult national leaders, incite public violence and make reckless comments. The Liberian leader said those who insult the president (him) and incite public violence will no more go with impunity.

The Liberian leader made the assertions on Thursday during the official dedication the Duport road market in Montserrado County.

President Weah said for far too long unlawful and Untraditional attitude has exhibited in the country and tolerated for a long period of time.

“Our country is a country of law. People have all the rights to speak out, criticize government or anyone but that right comes with responsibility. Very soon, those who take to public platforms and go beyond the bounds of free speech and insult me and incite the public to violence will be held in consistent with the laws.” the president said.

President Weah said those insulting after the protest will face the full weight of the law.

“You can say whatever you want to, but be warned that cusses, insults and incitement of violence will never again be permitted under my administration,” the President asserted, adding that much of the unlawful and untraditional attitudes exhibited in the country were tolerated so much for long and it was time to handle them within the confine of the law.

He added that many people are abusing the right to free speech and free press, saying it was time to put an immediate halt to such habit.

The Liberian Chief Executive has at the same called on everyone to go on their normal duties in the wake of the protest action Friday.

6 thoughts on “President Weah Will No Longer Tolerate Insults Directed At Him After June 7 Protest

  1. Tell that idiot George Weah to learn to read better so he start making sense. Nothing he displays but ignorance. Are insults more hurtful than the economic hardship in the country?

    1. You are more idiot than President Weah. Why is it that you who claim to be “educated” don’t think and act as such. We are African specifically Liberians. We have African values and practices. In Africa specifically Liberia, we “respect” our “elders”. We engage them “constructively and respectfully” because of their influence and status. We are not Americans, Europeans, etc. So, President Weah said those who incite violence but insulting people in “authority” will be dealt with according to the “laws” of Liberia.

  2. I must appreciate the president of Liberia for giving this statement of warming to citizens because the issues of insulting our leaders has been one of the problem facing in Liberia.

  3. Anyone that’s in the habit of doing this behavior to our president he’s doesn’t deserve it at all time!!! People’s need stop and take full responsibility of their own actions

  4. I think I agree with the Prezo even tho’ I’m not his supporter politically. But I will also be in agreement with him were he to also issue statements bringing to book those whom are perceived as involving in broad daylight thievery, corruption, bullying through the use of power, the list may go on. For when the latter is overlooked and people go Scot free with impunity, then public anger begins to be expressed through cusses and the like. Ma pipo, let talk so talk so. But I’m strongly against cussing especially cussing our leaders.

  5. President Weah as called , will get more insults from the same Liberians which were used to insult President Sirleaf than while he George was in opposition. Let us hear menhhhh

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