Nurse Arrested For Illegal Abortion


A 40-years old nurse in Vionjama, Lofa County identified as Thompson A. Kollie has been arrested by the Liberia National Police for illegally aborting a 14years girl pregnancy that led to her death.

According to report gathered so far, suspect Kollie illegally carry out the action at his house over the weekend.

The report said the 14 years old went to suspect Kollie’s house, telling him that she is feeling pain and she has gone some month without her seeing her menstruation and therefore she came to do checkup.

The report further added that after she explained the situation to the license nurse who is not working with any hospital in the county but only buy drugs to sell told the victim to bring her urine for testing but rather she confessed to the nurse that she was pregnant but used chalk to removed pregnancy which all the fetus never came out and she was ordered by the nurse to buy some drip.

Furthermore, the report revealed that the victim Matenneh Sheriff bought the drip and the nurse administered it but the victim went unconscious which he did not know, and went out of Vionjama thereby leaving the victim in the hand of his wife.

After a minutes he was called by his wife the victim pass off prior, to her death she confided in her friend that she wanted to conceive and she told her friend on Ramadan day that she was pregnant but her parents told her that they do not want to see the man and if continues to be behind him, they will do something that will make her hate the man in her entire life.

Something which prompted the victim boyfriend to escaped to Guinea upon hearing the threat from the victim family members.

While, explaining her disappointment to her friend whose father is a nurse that carried out the abortion, told her that her father can do the abortion for her.

However, the friends of the victim converged at her father house where the victim was seeking medical treatment, the nurse wife told them that it was twin and her husband succeeded in bringing one out and remaining the other to come out.

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