Public Works Minister Nyepan To Appear Before Senate’s Plenary

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PUBLIC WORKS-ROADS: Public Works Minister Mabutu Vlah Nyepan is expected to appear before the Liberian Senate’s full plenary on Tuesday, June 11, 2019, to give details on the ongoing construction of the Timbo River Bridge that links several parts of the Southeastern Counties and the deplorable condition of the Greenville-Buchannan Corridor.

The Senate decision was triggered through a June 4, 2019 communication from Sinoe County Senator Augustine Chea highlighting challenges citizens are currently facing as a result of the road condition and also the effect of the rainy season.

The Greenville-Buchannan Corridor is a part of the Government proposed Coastal Highway road project.

According to Sen. Chea, due to the deplorable condition of the road during the rainy season, there is a hike in prices of commodities in Sinoe and all the southeastern counties thus creating more hardship for citizens in that part of Liberia.

“Such bad roads make travels difficult and risky and I’m told that funding was provided to the Ministry of Public Works for the construction of a temporary bridge over the Timbo River to be used by motorists and pedestrians while the new permanent is under construction but the detour has collapsed due to substandard work”, Sen. Chea noted.

The Ministry of Public Works contracted a Ghanaian Construction Company to construct a new bridge over the Timbo River which will help road users plied the road without problems. The old bridge has spent over 75 years since its erection.

Sen. Chea indicated that the road needs urgent rehabilitation to ensure it is passable during the heavy rain between August and November 2019.

“The road condition is exacerbated by the recent dismantling of the Timbo River Bridge by the Ministry of Public Works or its Contractor due to faulty condition. The bridge is said to have outlived its lifespan and because of this Sinoeans and other users are compelled to use detour traveling six hours to get back on the main road, it’s disheartening”.

“As the line Ministry responsible for roads and bridges, the Minister of Public Works should be invited to share light on the new Timbo River Bridge and the temporary bridge project. Minister Nyepan should also tell us what intervention his ministry plans to make on the Buchannan-Greenville highway to make it passable during the rainy season,” Sen. Chea Communication noted.

Also commenting further, Grand Kru County Senator Peter Coleman acknowledged the growing need for road connectivity in the southeast while stating that the raining season poses enormous pressure on all 6 counties in the southeast.

“The rainy season is here again let the Public Works minister come and tell us how he can help our people as quickly as possible so we cannot be entrapped in the coming rainy season”, Sen. Coleman.

Making the motion on Sen. Chea’s Communication, Maryland County Senator. J. Blehbo Brown mentioned that there is an urgent need to tackle roads in the southeast that connect to Monrovia in order to ease the transportation burden for citizens.

“Giving the urgency and sensitivity of said matter, I move that the Minister of Public Works and his team appear before the Senate’s Plenary to give details on the stalled works at the Timbo River Bridge and remedy to bad roads in the southeast mainly the Greenville-Buchannan corridor which is the shortest route to Southeast Liberia, and at his appearance, plenary should be a committee of Whole”, Sen. Brown noted.

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