Kakata To Benefit Another Public High School If…….

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Liberia: If all goes well, Kakata City which is considered by many to be a student center will benefit from the construction of an additional public high school to ease the challenges faced by the only government high school (Lango Lippaye High School) in the City.

Kakata according to the 2008 census’ report has about 33,945 inhabitants and since it was given a City status there has been a single public high school (Lango Lippaye High School). The school has and continues to suffer from over crowdedness thereby leaving parents and its immediate past principal with no other alternative but to call on the government to establish additional government high school.

In 2016, the former Principal of the Lango Lippaye High School Robert M. Zaza complained about the overcrowdedness of the institution something he said was posing a serious challenge to the school on grounds that it could not host all of the students. This means that the population has overgrown and less fortunate parents are finding it difficult to send their children to private high schools in Kakata due to the high fees charged.

This has prompted Margibi District #4 Representative Ben A. Fofana to consistently engage the Administration of the Sackie Gbormoh inter-estate property in search of Land while he is at the same time engaging the central government to support the construction of an additional public high school to be able to address the growing educational desire of the student populace.

Already, the Sackie Gbormoh inter-estate property family has reportedly provided five acres of Land for the project, but because it is low land, it will be costly in terms of preparation, therefore, Hon. Fofana is asking the family for an ideal area (Land).

Rep. Fofana at one of his engagement meetings with the family and citizens of Sackie Gbormoh Town in Kakata over the weekend said the school project is his heartbeat as such he cannot allow it to be undone.

The Representative said if the project is not implemented up to the expiration of his tenure it will be a failure. The Margibi District #4 Lawmaker revealed that he has engaged the central government and the government has agreed to have the project done but the biggest question that on the floor is whether the land is available, a question he has not been able to respond to because the dust regarding the land has not been settled.

According to him, the government already has money to build a few schools in the Country and it could be an opportunity for Margibi especially Kakata to benefit from it but the land needs to be available.

He urged the people of Kakata most especially the people of Sackie Gbormoh Town to work with him and make sure that Kakata does not miss out on the opportunity.

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