Senators Reaffirm Commitment To Upholding Human Rights But…

June 14-2019-Human-Rights: Senators in Plenary Thursday reaffirmed their commitment to upholding protecting the Human Rights of all Liberians irrespective of tribes, religion, political affiliations among others.

The Pledge is similar and found under the Universal Declaration on Human Rights.

The human rights pledge seeks to ensure a recommitment of stakeholders in all spectrum to the protection of human rights.

Senators stood up in open session raising their hands and affixing their signature to the pledge in affirmation of their commitment to respecting the human rights of all nationally and internationally.

During last Tuesday’s session, some Senators opinionated different views on the pledge. For Nimba County Senator Thomas Grupee, reciting a pledge by mouth and not upholding it as required would be a disservice to humanity.

“ There’s no need to stand here and recite something and people’s action are totally different from this I think we should at all times practice to respect the right of all and not just through a pledge.

Commenting further Montserrado County Senator Saah Joseph recommended through motion the rejection of the pledge noting that it should not be regarded as an agenda item due to the respect for Liberian flag pledge

“I move that if I can be seconded that we unanimously reject the pledge and only pledge to the flag of Liberia and no other pledge and any motion for reconsideration be tried and tested in session”, Sen. Joseph.

For Senator Prince Johnson of Nimba County, the pledge is not necessary as the subjecting the Senate to such would mean a previous violation of human rights

“No one is violating human rights here why should the Senate commit herself to a human rights pledge when there is no history of violations.

Gbarpolu County Senator Armah Jallah challenged his colleagues to ensure their pledges are made due to the tasks as national leaders in observant of human rights.

“Colleagues there is no need to be afraid in making a commitment to the Human Rights pledge because tomorrow we will be outside the Senate and we will meet it furthermore all countries must commit to human rights now in order to get support internationally “, Sen. Jallah added.

During a vote count in Tuesday’s session on the pledge, 10voted in favor of pledge while 3were against and 4senators abstained from voting including Sen. Prince Johnson, Sen. Francis Paye and among others.

The Tuesday’s vote resulted to the reciting and signature of the pledge but Analysts believes that the affirmation of Liberian Senators indicate a gateway for the preparedness of submission of the establishment of War and Economic Crimes in Liberia to ensure those rights violated would get justice. There have been a series of calls for the courts’ establishment which resulted in protestation in both Liberia and the diaspora.

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