Corruption Web Hangs Over Bong Inspector – As citizens Threatens To Drags Court

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Some aggrieved residents of Sonjoe and Barmeyea towns in Electoral District#2, Bong County have threatened to drag Bong County Inspector Victor Wesseh to court.

The residents have alleged that Inspector Wesseh unlawfully collected $15,000 Liberian Dollars including goats and chickens on grounds that every town in the County needs to provide food and money to the office of the Inspector whenever he visits them.

This is the second time in four months for the Bong County Inspector to be indicted of such alleged corrupt situation.

It can be recalled, in February this year that some citizens of Wolapolu Clan in Zota District#4, raised a similar concern about the alleged enforcement of unlawful collections of chickens and goats from struggling farmers by Inspector Victor Wesseh; an allegation the Inspector denied and described as a means of demeaning his character.

Our Bong County Correspondent says the recent alleged action of the County Inspector to collect items from farmers in the County has drawn the attention of many citizens as they call on victims of the situation to immediately file a lawsuit against Mr. Wesseh.

Speaking to The Monrovia Times on Saturday in the County, Charles Mulbah the official Spokesperson of the aggrieved citizens said they will not resist in taking Inspector Wesseh to court to pay for his action.

“We are going to take him to court on Monday, June 17, 2019; Mr. Wesseh must explain to the court of law why he is undermining the progress of poor farmers in this County” Mr. Mulbah adds.

According to him, Mr. Wesseh recently went in his town (Barmeyea) and told the town citizens to provide 15, 000 Liberian Dollars with goats and chickens if they should not be held in contempt.

“I was not in the town that day but when the Inspector came here, he told my people here in the town that if they cannot provide those items, he would take action against the citizens.

After he made that statement, the Town Chief Moses Barmeyea collected some goats, chickens and 10, 000 Liberian Dollars and immediately gave it to him” he explains.

Mr. Mulbah said upon receiving those items, the Bong County Inspector left the town and went to Sonjoe another town in the same region and collected some goats, chickens and 5,000 Liberian
Dollars from the citizens totaling 15, 000 Liberian Dollars and about six goats and an unspecified number of chickens.

Also speaking to our Bong County Correspondent, Mary Tuahyah who raises goats for a living said two of her goats were caught by the citizens as a result of the Inspector’s mandate.

“For me, I don’t have much to say but I am only telling Mr. Victor Wesseh to bring my goat right now or else, I will let other officials including President George Manneh Weah know about it” she angrily told this Paper.

When contacted, Bong County Inspector Victor Wesseh told our Correspondent that he has never gone to that part of the County for more than six months.

“I think those who saying these things are ready again to denigrate my character but to be real I don’t know about what they are saying”
Mr. Wesseh boastfully told our Correspondent to request for an official receipt from the citizens who are alleging that he (Inspector Wesseh) collected monies and cattle from them.

He promises to prove his innocence in the court of law whenever he is taken there by the citizens.

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