Police Clarifies Martin Kollie Arrested

The Liberia National Police through its spokesperson Moses Carter has set the record straight with the incident involving student Activist Martin K.N. Kollie and some DEA officers along with a senior staff of the Ministry of Post and Telecommunication.

Police spokesman Carter said at no time student Martin K.N. Kollie was arrested by the LNP or taken to any station or depot as being insinuated by some members of the public, especially on social media.

Mr. Carter urged the public to remain calm as the LNP Zone 5 base investigators are extracting statements from all persons of interest adding that the report will be released to the public on the outcome of the investigation early next week.

LNP spokesperson Carter has however cautioned the Front Page Africa and other media outlets to be mindful in releasing reports on an ongoing investigation to the public without doing due diligence to their investigation in getting all sides of the story.

He disclosed that an altercation ensued on Friday night between Martin K.N. Kollie his supporters on one side and some DEA officers and senior staff of the Ministry of Post and telecommunication and the case is currently being investigated by the LNP.

Meanwhile, a Student activist and Standard bearer of the Vanguard Student Unification part a campus-based political party Martin K. N. Kollie explained his ordeal of what transpired Friday night at the renaissance entertainment center in Du-port road.

Speaking in an interview Martin K. N. Kollie said, he came from central Monrovia to drop one of his boys to Du-road that was in the car along with him because it was late.

Student Kollie disclosed that not only dropping his colleague to Du-port road but he also went to see somebody there adding that as soon as he arrived at the entertainment center, men from the Drug Enforcement Agency arrived on scene and took him by his paints and he saw himself in the air and they wanted to throw him in their car whose engine was on and beating.

Victim Kollie narrated that after he resisted of being thrown in the DEA officers car, he was severely beaten with iron on his foot for which he is currently facing problem with walking and that how people came around to his rescue.

SUP standard bearer expressed that prior to his beaten last Friday night he received several phone calls from unknown men threaten him that he will pay for his participation in the June 7 protest.

Furthermore, victim Kollie dismissed rumor circulating in the public that he did not ask any DEA officers to buy him drink; adding that he did not even know them how can he ask somebody to buy him drink and how much for a drink so much that he cannot afford to buy for himself?

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