Representatives Jones, Fofana Honored For Service To Humanity In Margibi

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For their services to humanity, developmental initiatives and support to the religious community among others; Margibi electoral Districts 2 and 4 Representatives Ivar K. Jones and Ben A. Fofana were over the weekend honored in Kakata City Margibi County.

The two Margibi Lawmakers were awarded certificates of honor by the St. Thomas United Methodist Church located in Madina Community in Kakata.

The Church also honored its Financial Chairperson Thomas Bonard as Special Father of the year for his dedicated services to the Church over the years.

The Senior Pastor of the Church Peter W. Harris presenting the certificates to the honorees on a separate note reminded Hon. Ivar K. Jones that the people of St. Thomas have recognized what he is doing in Liberia and in Margibi especially for his people in District #2.

According to him, one of the major things the Lawmaker has done that the Church recognized and heard about is the remittance of 50% of his salary to the people of his District on a monthly basis something he said the St. Thomas’ family heard about and marked adding, ‘those are things that people will want to see their leaders doing’.

Pastor Harris indicated that besides Hon. Jones remitting 50% of his salary to the District, he moves around identifying himself with people, the Christian Community. He also outlined the role played by Hon. Jones in the District over the years.

“It’s a joy to see you here today, at time some people when they are in higher authority they will not want to identify with people, but the people of St. Thomas have recognized what you are doing. So the people of St. Thomas recognized that, so the men organization including the entire congregations, we call you to present this certificate to you in a special way” he added.

For Rep. Fofana, the Liberian Clergy said he heard a lot about the Lawmaker while he was assigned at the Community of Faith United Methodist Church in Salala Bong County.

He explained that the St. Thomas United Methodist Church recognized the effort of Hon. Fofana in terms of what he is doing for the Christian Community not only in District #4 but Liberia as a whole.

The man of God pointed out that the Lawmaker was chosen to be awarded certificate based on his developmental initiatives and his humanitarian services to his people among others.

“So with this, the people of St. Thomas say this is a certificate to give you, to see you as our father, so since today is a Father Day we recognize you and we decided to call on you and it’s a joy I continue to say; to see you here today with us” Pastor Harris narrates.

The Methodist Pastor presenting the certificate of honor also to the Financial Chairperson of the Church, Thomas Bonard; said Mr. Bonard has over the years dedicated his services to the Church.

He revealed the people of St. Thomas said they recognized the effort of Mr. Bonard and the way he relates to the men in the Church.
The Preacher man further quoted the congregation as said one of the major things Mr. Bonard have done is he set up his financial record straight and he plays the role of a father as such; they thought it wise to give him a special honor this year.

“So on behalf of the men we are here to honor you in a special way” Pastor Harris asserted.

Peter W. Harris meanwhile said the fact that the honorees went to the call of the Church means that they are very humanitarian and that they can try their best to reach out to their people.

In his acceptance remark, Rep. Jones thanked the Church for recognizing, selecting and honoring them as special father and father of the year among the 4.5million people that are in Liberia.

Rep. Jones, “normally to even select 10 persons out of 11 persons is difficult then to select 3 persons from among 5million, I know it wasn’t an easy job for the Committee but you guys did it”.

He said some of the things that they have done for which they were being honored are sometimes challenging for them to make those hard decisions but they know it is the people that they are representing.

The District two Representative told the gathering that the honors conferred to them do not belong to them but rather the people because have they not elected them as their Lawmakers those decisions that they are making they wouldn’t have been in the position to make them.

Hon. Jones, therefore, said for the fact that they were being recognized and honored it means that they are being given extra motivation to do more of those things that they are making and feel that they are meaningless.

He then contributed an unannounced amount and pledge 50 bags of cement to the Church’s initiatives

On the other hand, Hon. Fofana who is also a Methodist said he was excited to be in the midst of the people of the St. Thomas United Methodist and serve God together and not in the Bar.

Hon. Fofana expressed that God manifested the honor through the St. Thomas family as it did not come from them, but it is from God.

“So I want to publicly acknowledge that I hereby accept your honor bestowed upon us today,” he said.

He, at the same time, informed the congregation that he is a leader for everybody everywhere and for humanity as his leadership is not restricted only to District #4. Rep. Fofana then frowned at leaders who are in the hobby of turning down invitation stating that there is no excuse in leadership. He pledged US$500 and 100 bags of cement towards the developmental initiatives of the Church and presented US$100 to the Church.

Meanwhile, Mr. Thomas Bonard said the honor has further motivated him to do more thereby promising to continue providing his services to the growth and development.

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