Deputy Speaker Vocational School Graduates 230 Students In Bong

In an effort to prepare underprivileged citizens for the job market, Hon. Prince Kermue Moye Vocational Skills Training program has graduated two hundred and thirty persons in various disciplines.

About ninety percent of the graduates are breadwinners for their families who have over the past find it very difficult to provide daily meals.
After going through a three-month training, beneficiaries will now be able to work and improve their living standards.

Computer and soap sciences, carpentry, home- economic amongst others are some of the courses offered during the first phase of the program.

As a sponsor of the programs, Representative Prince Kermue Moye spent 8,000 United States Dollars during the first phase and has committed himself to keep supporting the free vocational skills training program.

The graduation ceremony of the Vocational skill program took place at the school edifice in District#2 when 230 students graduated over the weekend with several Stakeholders and business tycoons in attendance.

Addressing the Media following the graduation ceremony in Sheansue Town electoral district #2 Bong County, Deputy house speaker Moye said the program is intended to empower young Liberians to find meaningful market opportunities and self-employment by increasing their skills and livelihoods.

Rep Moye said the institution seeks to help young people of Liberia especially citizens of Bong County in acquiring the knowledge of computer and other pieces of training.

He emphasized that he will work with the staff of the institution to add a vocational driving school program into the existing courses been offered at the institution in the county.

The Liberian Deputy Speaker further extended commendations to the graduating class for the level of kindness over the period amid the many challenges facing the Country.

The Bong County District#2 Lawmaker provided Seven hundred thousand Liberian Dollars ($700,000LD) to the graduating class as his own way of identifying with them as they walk out of the wall of the institution in the County.

Serving as the keynote speaker at the first graduation ceremony, the Managing Director of the National Port Authority, Bill Twehway through a proxy Civicul Barsi Giah called on the graduates to use the knowledge acquired wisely for the betterment of the Country.

Mr. Barsi Giah at the same time used the medium to appeal to well-meaning Liberians, national government and other technical institutions operating in the county to rally support to the institution for the realization of its objectives in the county.

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