Representatives Kiazolu Vows To Resists Attempts To Reduce Civil Servants Salary – Recommend Cut In Expenditures Of Legislature And Executive Branch Of Government.

The Co-Chair of the House’s committee on Banking and Currency, Hanson Kiazolu has vowed to resist any attempt by the Executive to reduce civil servants salary.

The Montserrado County District 17 lawmaker said he will lobby with his colleagues to reject any communication from the Executive seeking the indulgence of that body for the reduction of civil servants salary.

He said any attempt to cut civil servants salary as part of the government’s economic recovery plan will be resisted to the fullest.

Meanwhile, Representative Kiazolu is recommending a reduction in the expenditure of Legislature and Executive branches of the Liberian government.



    We advocated and no one listened to alhrp. Why resist the cut now? Because it affect you?


  • Thank you, Honorable. A useless policy from a clueless bunch. We are already suffering and they want to squeeze us the more.


  • Isaac D. Dikenah

    Is this another popularity contest?

    Representative Hanson Kiazolu is oppose to salary cut of Civil Servants, but he supports reduction in the expenditures of the Legislature and the Executive branches of the Liberian Government.
    According to the Representative, there are no Civil Servants in Legislature, and there are no Civil Servants in the Executive branch?????

    Hon. Kiazolu, what is the largest portion of the expenditures of the Legislature and the Executive branches of the Liberian Government?
    The proposed adjustments in the expenditures of the Liberian Government did not target Civil Servants alone. The adjustments are intended to cover all areas of the Liberian National Budget. This is coming from the recommendation of the International Monetary Funds (IMF).
    The present salary structure was based on an unrealistic expectations by the previous Administration. They had the support of multi-billions of US Dollars coming in from the International Community, because the Country was just coming from a 14 years Civil War. After 13 years of peace, that free money is no longer available.
    Hon. Hanson Kiazolu, as the Co-chair of the House of Representatives’ Committee on Banking and Currency, you should know better.
    You should be working as a team to formulate a realistic National Budget. Instead of doing your duty, you are on this platform, and engaging in cheap politics. Nowadays, in Liberia, everybody is an advocate just seeking selfish interest.
    The best way to balance a budget is to: 1. Reduce expenditure
    2. Increase income or
    3. Do a part of 1 and 2
    You guys were all over the place celebrating the IMF report, but you are now against the implementation thereof.
    What do you people really want in Liberia?


  • Great job and wonderful thought. Hon. Kiazolu. The interest is the masses is paramount.


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