SAIL In Partnership With UNDP Launches Seven Month Justice And Security Support Project In Margibi

Survivors Aid International Liberia incorporated (SAIL) in partnership with the United Nations Development Program (UNDP) has launched a seven-month justice and security support project in Margibi County.

The project named and styled “Platform for Justice” is expected to provide free legal aid and assistance to indigents most especially women and children.
The Project is being implemented under the theme “Strengthening the Rule of Law in Liberia-Justice and Security for the Liberian People” in Margibi County.

The Project Officer Alimu Bayoh giving the overview of the project during the launching ceremony over the weekend in Kakata said the project will monitor and support the prosecution of at least 80 criminal cases during the year 2019.

Mr. Bayoh also disclosed that the project objective is to increase the numbers following or using the formal justice system to seek redress on justice and security.

“Citizens’ skills and knowledge on legal knowledge and legal information could be increased including the rights and obligations of those of justice and security institutions,” Mr. Bayoh said.

He revealed that the justice and security actors’ performance would be increased through regular monitoring and reporting process.
Mr. Bayoh explained that as part of the legal assistance to indigents, the project will support witnesses and victims to appear in courts for hearing through the provision of transportation, accommodation and payment of court fees.

Mr. Bayoh disclosed, “Lawyers could be hired if necessary to provide legal aid and representation, including mediations.”

The Platform for Justice Project Officer indicated that the project further intends to conduct public and stakeholder engagements through training and advocacy meetings with judicial actors, traditional chiefs, community leaders, women, disabled and youth respectively.

He narrated that such approach could enhance community leaders and residents capacity in reporting crimes and resolving disputes.

“SAIL and UNDP will sensitize community members through radio talk show, social media and drama on the availability of free legal aid and assistance”.

This he noted will foster an inclusive and participatory approach to citizens’ participation for a crime-free community as well as raise legal knowledge and information.

The SAIL’s official maintained that the project will track and make a follow-up on all criminal cases reported through the criminal justice system and support judicial actors through liaison and regular visitation to police, courts and prisons by using case monitoring tools.

Meanwhile, the launch of the project was attended by a cross-section of actors of the Liberian justice system including police, correction officers and magisterial court officers from across Margibi County.

For his part, the Stipendiary Magistrate of the Bondiway Magisterial Court, Clarence M. Weah launching the project on behalf of the Resident Judge of the 13th Judicial Circuit Court in Margibi County welcomed the initiative.
He, however, promised the Court fullest support towards the successful implementation of the project.

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