Speaker Chambers Envisages Better Economy For Liberia -Calls For Diversification, Warns Against Poisonous Political Statements


Monrovia, June 18, 2019) The Speaker of the House of Representatives, Dr. Bhofal Chambers, has craved the indulgence of the country’s economic managers to accelerate efforts aimed at fixing, whilst working to diversify the Liberian economy.

Speaker Chambers says government’s efforts to consider other potential revenue generating sectors in the economy will contribute in a positive way. The Maryland County District # 2 Lawmaker stated that Liberia’s fishing industry promises a good potential to contribute meaningfully in the economy, with reference to the success story of Norway.

The Speaker furthers that even the forest sector has a good significance to contribute to the economy, but warns that bad laws in the past were used in the sector which has dwindled the forest potential. Speaker Chambers says the Legislature stands ready to work with other branches of government to legislate or make new laws in the best interest of the Country and its people that will affect the forest sector and other potential sectors in the Liberian economy in a positive and sustainable means.

A press release from the Speaker’s Office quoted Dr. Chambers as saying that the shocks in Liberia’s economy is as the result of slum in the prices of major exports from the country and the nose-diving pattern of donors’ interventions in the country’s economy. He called on Liberians to do away with the creeping syndrome of “us versus them” and work together for the good of the country.

The Speaker, addressing a cross section of Journalists at his Capitol Building Office recently in Monrovia, said bad politicking contributes negatively to any country’s economy. He however says the recently held assembly of citizens of Liberia to petition their government is a factor of democracy, but frowned on the organizers of the assembly’s failure to present their petition as anticipated by the public.

The Speaker says the offshoot of some political statements during and after the June 7th assembly were not good for the economy and the cross pollination of political ideas. He however made reference to statement made by ALP political leader, Benoni Urey, referring to some Liberians as “Cockroaches”. Speaker Chambers described the ALP leader’s statement as a ‘bad scent’ and a notorious word that is associated with the murder of more than one million fellow Africans in the southern African Country, Rwanda.

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