Ministry of Justice Releases List Of Alleged Corrupt Officials And Institutions To Stand Trial

The Ministry of Justice has released a Partial official List of Individuals and institutions investigated and Audited by the LACC and the GAC who were found liable and are hereby mandated by the office of the State Prosecutor to unconditionally RESTITUTE the within stated amounts to the Government of Liberia to avert possible prosecution

Listing of LACC reports received from July 1, 2012 to June 30, 2017, the state prosecutor named several individual s from the Ministry of Lands, Mines and Energy, including Patrick Sendolo, Jenkins Atuanya, Sam Russ, Zack Sharp, Stephen Dorbor, Henry Sambola, Goergy Miller, Williams Hines, Samuel Semerville, Boiyan Kpakolo and Sylvester Sieh accounting for a Norwegian Fund of 1, 279, 492,18 United states dollars.

At the Liberia Extractive Industry Transparency Initiative, LEITI, the state prosecutor named Samuel Thompson, Amos Sackie, Gyude Allison, Stanley Kparkillen, Vicent Goi, and Herman Jones to account for the financial records 65,937.40 among several US dollars.

At the National Housing Authority, the release name Samuel Thompson, Stanley Kparkillen, Alexander Kromah, Gyude Allison, Herman Jones, Felix Mcintosh, and Molly Kamara on account of 764, 955.54 US Dollars

At the Ministry of Information, Cultural Affairs and Tourism, the release named Lewis Brown, Norris Tweh, Isaac Jackson, Patrick Worsie, James Massaquoi, $3, 410, 037,99 USD.

The Justice release further highlighted some officials of the Liberia Petroleum and Refinery Company, LPRC including Sumo Kupee, Jackson F. Doe, Edwin Sarvice, Elizabeth Tubman-White and Philip Sassie to account for $257, 980, 193.52.

At Roberts International Airport , the release named Wil Bako Freeman, Gyude Moore, Samuel Wlue, Angela Cassell-Bush and Gibson Sackor to account for 26,811,881.42 USD.

Other include the Ministry of Health, Dr. Walter Gwenigale, Mathew Flomo, John Langa, Toagoe Karzon, Dr. Bernice Dahn accounting for $10,054,748,.1 USD.

Liberia Maritime Authority; James Debbah, Binyah Kessely, Benedict Sannoh, Angela Cassell-Bush- $900,429.52 USD.

Ministry of Finance and Development Planning, the release names Amara Konneh, Boima Kamara, Dr. James Kollie to account for $13 million US Dollars.

The release also named Pearine Parkinson, including Milton and Richards from Executive Mansion Renovation Project report, in the tone of USD $9 million.

Others including names from the Ministry fo Public Works, Ciapha Cephas, $52,685.27, Ministry of Defense, Brownie Samuka, $406,602.00 USD.


  • Very interesting!!


  • The government through the Justice Ministry, in collaboration with LACC should ensure that all those mentioned should have their day in court .
    Extradition for those overseas n speedy arraignment for those on the ground should be a matter of urgency n priority for the government.


  • The process being instituted to prosecute alleged corrupt Liberian government officials is a fiasco (mouth-talk). It is a fiasco because President Weah himself is very corrupt and does not believe in the rule of law. If he is really serious about bringing corrupt Liberian government officials to justice, he President Weah himself should tell the Liberian people in writing, how he got money to build those estates. President Weah does have the moral authority to prosecute anyone for breaking the laws of Liberia because he himself is a law breaker. Mr. George Weah should step down from the office of the President of Liberia.


  • If this criminally corrupt government is serious it must create an economic crime court immediately with not more than a five and less than three judge panel to hear the cases. This court must be adequately staff with competent staff including but not limited to auditors, forensic accountants and economists.


  • Correction: In my first post, the sentence about moral authority should be, “President Weah does ‘NOT’ have the moral authority to prosecute anyone for breaking the laws of Liberia because he himself is a law breaker.”



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