National Cassava Producers Union Of Liberia To Export 1,000 metric-tons Of Dry Cassava To China

The expected exportation of chipped Cassava to China is based on the Union’s frantic desire to see Liberian Cassava farmers self-reliant and productive.

It can be recalled that during the official launched of the National Cassava Producers Union of Liberia (NCPUL) on April 27, 2019 in Melekie Town, Electoral District #3 Bong County Mr. Emmanuel S. L. Tamba president of the Organization promised to ensure that cassava farmers across Liberia have reasons to celebrate and smile like any other person that is jobbing in Liberia.


President Tamba in a recent interview with The Monrovia Times noted that there is no reason why Cassava farmers should not be able to send their children to any school of their choice, seek any proper medication, especially with cassava being Liberia’s second staple food.

Mr. Tamba maintains that in spite of the mounting challenges and abandonment cassava farmers have faced over hundred years “NCPUL” is doing everything possible to restore the lost hope of cassava farmers in Liberia’s fifteen (15) counties.

Addressing scores of farmers at the Union’s Office in Melekie Emmanuel Tamba underscored the need for government and partners to see reason, fully directing supports to the Union in order to timely meet the food challenge that Liberians are facing.

“I want to see cassava farmers building their own house, owning whatever they want in this Liberia, contributing to the growth and development of this country,” Mr. Tamba added.

The NCPUL president continues that many countries can export cassava to other countries, as well as process cassava for the International market and he sees no reason why Liberia cannot do it, noting that all we need is support.


The National Cassava Producer Union of Liberia is an agriculture-based organization established to work mainly with people involve in cassava farming across Liberia, cultivates its own farmland in each county, provides training to farmers, as well purchase cassava from the farmers among other things.

Currently, the Union is actively working to ensure it meets 1,000metric-tons of cassava for export to China through Green Gold Liberia.
Members of the Union actively engaged in the purchasing of cassava for processing

He noted that Cassava farmers have been downplayed by previous governments making it difficult for people to vigorously get involve in large scale cassava production.

Mr. Tamba is of the strongest believe that with government and partners support, poverty and crimes rate will reduce because vulnerable young people will have some level of employment through the Union.

Issues that are of key priorities facing the Union now are mobility to transport purchased cassava from farmers, cassava chips machines to quickly chips cassava including other materials.

President Tamba noted that presently the Union has people to slash cassava for drying, which is slow and seeks urgent assistance to ease the burden of the contractors in order to continue exporting cassava out of Liberia to other countries besides China.

As the union strives to make its first cassava chips shipment possible to China in the middle of June of 2019, the issue of mobility, cassava chipping machines, cassava dryer, Solar-drivers including other needed support remains a challenge.

“On a Daily basis, cassava farmers are trooping to the Union headquarters in Melekie town to have the Union inform about their gratification for the program and their willingness to begin engaging in large cassava production, Tamba revealed.

Besides Bong, the National Cassava Producers Union of Liberia is receiving calls daily from other cassava farmers about the Union intends to quickly reach other Counties as abandoned farmers eagerly want some smile through the Cassava Union.

According to Mr. Tamba NCPUL current hope is to continue reaching farmers across the Country and keep exporting processed cassava to Countries of interest.

“Now we have offers from other countries besides China so, we actually need support to keep exporting quality cassava chips to those countries he added”.

Another issue Tamba states that is of serious concern is the unpredictability of the weather especially where the Union does have its own place for drying cassava.

Of all these challenges the Cassava Union president Emmanuel Tamba is desperately joyous to see the National Cassava Producers Union of Liberia along with partner Green Gold Liberia to shortly export a thousand metric-tons of cassava chips to China for the first time ever in several years.


  • Wow! This is positive development for our people who farm the land. Farming makes people rich the world over. God bless all those farmers who are participating to .make Liberia great again.


  • Hi all,

    My name is Siaffa Karneh. I am a cassava farmer from Bomi County. I currently have about 5 acres of cassava farm; please inbox me your phone number so we can discuss. We can work together to put Liberia on the map. Depending on the price the exporter is offering, we can ship more than 20000 MT. annually. My contacts are: 0777825204/0888046707


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