Government Hospital In Grand Bassa County Threaten To Shut Down Major Departments Due To Lack Of Funding

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The Medical Director of the Liberian Government Hospital in Buchanan, Grand Bassa County, Dr. Abraham Jawara says the facility in the coming months will shut down some of its departments.

Dr. Jawara said the shutdown is due to lack of funding.
The hospital which is the only referral hospital to many counties in the southeastern region is said to be faced with many challenges, owing to fuel shortage and medical supplies.

Speaking to reporters recently in Buchanan, Medical Director Jawara said another contributing factor to the many challenges is the impediment in getting budgetary allotment from national Government.

Dr. Jawara noted that authority at the hospital was forced to demand money from citizens for treatment to have its staff paid, something he said should not have existed.

According to Dr. Abraham Jawara the hospital is not in the position to carry on any major work since it got burned, why lauding the Accelor metal hospital for their gesture.

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