Who Saying The Truth In Bruised Face Child Story? Rep Enders Or Mother…

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The abuse of children by their parents remains unabated in the country, despite laws banning the violations of a child’s right.

Reports of molestation and violations of the rights of children continue to pull in from across the country with Government battling to halt the inhumane treatment meted out against children.

A recent social media post by Montserrado County District #6 Representative Samuel Enders about the abuse of one year-nine-months-old child by her father sparked huge debate both accross social media and the public space, as well as drawing the attention of many people.

The Montserrado County Lawmaker who has been involved with humanitarian works in the communities before his election to the Liberian National Legislature in 2017 posted on his social media platform on June 11, that the child was beaten by the father, Mackey-Boy Naywor, 22.

According to Representative Enders, the Child’s Mother informed him and the African Dream Academy Clinic Staffs that the child was beaten by the father after she (the mother) had refused to go with him at his home at night.

That post was greeted with mix feelings by viewers with more than five thousand shares.

But two days after the posting of the child photo and the brief narrative, a new narrative emerged from the mother denying what the Representative had posted and what she had earlier told the Truth FM news that the father beat the child.

In the Truth FM interview, the Child’s Mother Alice Naywor said the child was beaten by the father but after police and other state actors intervene, Alice Naywor returned to the Truth FM to retract her earlier statement.

In her new narrative, Alice Naywor denied that the child was beaten by her father contrary to the District-6 Lawmaker’s report to the Police.

Alice told State Radio and Truth FM Interview that her husband came home late Monday night and asked that the three of them spend the night at his house.

She then objected to the request, stressing that it was already late.
According to her, the accused took the child while on their way and fell over a bridge, thus causing serious facial wounds on the girl.

The father did not get hurt in the incident according to her.

Her testimony created confusion for many following.

The Montserrado County District Six Lawmaker reacting to the Child Mother’s new narrative clarified that he did not make up any story, but just what the child’s mother told the police and medical staffs at the African Dream Clinic.

Representative Enders said the Child’s Mother Alice Naywor told him that the child was beaten by her father.

He said her story at the clinic created grief for him; as such he wanted action taken against the father.

Rep. Enders told The Monrovia Time that the action was a violation of the child’s right which needed immediate attention.
An Investigation by The Monrovia Time has however established that Alice Naywor had to change her narrative following serious pressure from her husband’s family who are against the sending to jail of their relative.

Police and clinic records quote the child’s mother of saying the child was beaten by the father.

Meanwhile, the Paynesville Magisterial Court has charged 22-year old Mackey-Boy Naywor with Aggravated Assault and endangering the welfare of his 1-year nine months old child in the ELWA Community.

Mackey-Boy Naywor is being accused of intentionally beating his 21 months old daughter last Monday.

The alleged action, according to the court document, is in violation of the new Penal Code of Liberia.
Meanwhile, Mackey-Boy Nayway risks being taken to the Monrovia Central Prison if a valid bond is not secured.

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