Clean Mayor, Dirty City

The city of Monrovia is gradually becoming overwhelmed with dirt and could be the dirtiest city in the country if nothing is done about stockpiles and mountains of dirt in and around the city.

Our reporter who toured the city on Friday said the dirt around the city could pose serious health problems if nothing is done by the city government

According to our reporter, mountains of dirt can be seen at the Rallytown Market, Benson and Clay Streets intersection, Jallah Town back road, Duala Market and other places in the city including Gardnesville supermarket and Waterside LEC Junction.


Piles of dirt in Monrovia 

Monrovia is the capital of Liberia and the most populated city in the country with over 1,010,970 people living in the city meant for roughly 300,000 people.

The city government is run by the Monrovia City Corporation (MCC) and is currently headed by Mayor Jefferson Koijee but it seems the task of waste management is a big challenge for the young mayor.

In previous addresses to the media, the mayor cites the lack of logistics and financial support as the main challenge facing the city government but critics of the government blame the dirtiness of the city on the mayor inexperience.

Residents of Monrovia speaking to The Monrovia Times said the Mayor dresses clean but managed a dirty city.

”My brother look right behind you there and see the mountains of dirt, this one is not they say, the thing right behind you for you to see.” a lady name Mayamu told our reporter.


Piles of dirt in Monrovia 

”Our mayor knows how to dress fine, every day you see him in bow and tie neatly dress but he na know how to clean the city. We have a clean and neatly dress mayor but a dirty city, a very dirty city.” a man refer to as Amos told our reporter.

Up to press time, The Monrovia Times could not get a representative of the city government for comment. A source close to the mayor office said Mayor Koijee will address the press soon on the issue.

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