Legislative Caucuses Of Opposition Political Parties Wants Judiciary Abandon Writ Of Arrest For Representative Yekeh Kolubah

Addressing a news conference in Monrovia Thursday, the Unity Party and Alternative National Congress warned the Judiciary not to politicize the administration of justice and join the current wrath of political tension between the Executive and some members of the Legislature.

The statement read by Unity Party Representative Hanson Kiazolu admonished members of the Judiciary to respect the laws that govern Liberia’s democratic system.

They also accused the police of grossly ignoring the procedures of inviting lawmakers to the police in the event of Representative Yekeh Kolubah who has been indicted by the Liberia National Police without engaging the plenary as in the case of other Lawmakers.

Representative Kiazolu insisted that the Judiciary and the Police were setting a dangerous precedent in the quest to satisfy the Executive.


  • These situation undermind the peace of the country. Our experienced from civil war have no reflections to our membranes. We are not solving problems but instead instigating problems. The drama is on why everyone watching and enjoying the playlet for now.

    The Executive branch have absolute power over the legislative and Judiciaey unarguable overrule any case at any time. These things pose serious threats to our democracy..

    If the law of the land can’t be respected and the power of one branch of government is supreme the fate and welfare of state or people is at risk..

    As i quote to conclude, history is the study of the passed to direct the future.. From our passed that brought nearly half a million killed from similar mistakes that are creeping our nation today,are we prepare to repeat the passed ??? No!!!! But the way forward to direct the future,is to correct those errors now as they come; the three branches should function as prescribed by the constitution.. When the law is not save ,the land is not save for all..


  • Harris H.Peters

    I 100% agree with the Honorable man let’s the rules of law be respected


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