Two Alleged Murderers Set Free In Bong

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After spending one (1) year six (6) months in jail, two alleged murderers have been set free in Gbarnga, Bong County. The two suspects were arrested and detained for a prolonged period and they have been crying for justice.

Suspects Sackie Giddings and Junior Sackie walked out on June 18, 2019, with smiles on their faces when the jury at the 9th Judicial Circuit Court set them free in the County.

Relatives and friends of the released suspects were very happy when the presiding Judge at the Ninth Judicial Circuit Court Cllr James N. Gilayeneh pronounced the release of the suspects.

The suspects were allegedly linked to the death of the late Franklin Binda, in Doweta, Sanoyea District, Bong County, an allegation they denied.
The incident occurred in December 2017 in Doweta town in lower Bong County.

The two suspects were arrested and charged with murder by officers of the Bong County Liberia National Police Detachment, which they were forwarded to court for trial.

The Bong County 9th Ninth Judicial Circuit Judge Gilayeneh set the two murderers free when he ruled on a count filed by jury requesting the court to set the two murderers free following a unanimous ‘not guilty’ verdict after hours of closed-door deliberations on the evidence produced by both the Defense Council and the State.

According to the 12 member jury, the deliberate failure of state prosecutors to adjudicate the case based on fact and evidence led to the court’s action to have set free the two individuals.

According to Liberian law, the judge argued; “a person can be convicted if there is sufficient evidence produced during a trial, but in the instance case, prosecutors failed to produce the evidence to convict them of the crime.”

For his part, Bong County Atty. Jonathan Flomo who save as state prosecutor in the case described the loss as a beauty of the justice system in the country.

He said despite all of the evidence he and his legal team provided, the jury said there was no sufficient evidence to support their indictment drawn against the defendants.

According to Atty. Flomo they produced nine witnesses in the late Franklin Binda case still the jury said there was not enough evidence proving their indictment.

The Bong County Attorney said since his ascendancy at the level of the County Attorney he has won 22 cases in the county, adding this is my first case to lose in the county.

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