FOMTUL Launches Professional Driving School In Margibi-Others To Follow

The Federation of Motorcycles and Tricycles Unions of Liberia (FOMTUL) Margibi branch has launched a vocational program in Kakata City Margibi County.

The program entitles “FOMTUL Professional Driving School” was officially launched by Margibi electoral District #4 Representative Ben A. Fofana at the Union’s head office in Kakata over the weekend.
The Union’s President O.J Morris speaking during the official launch of the event said the program is intended to provide an opportunity for members of the Organization to be able to acquire driving skill and not only depending on riding motorbikes.

“On our platform one of those things that was there is for us to open a driving school for the motorcyclists that they will not only have the riding skill to ride motorbike but to also have the driving skill that they will be able to drive car that tomorrow when company comes in Liberia when they are looking for quality, competent and recognizable driver we can recommend motorcyclist also to go and drive for that company, we can recommend motorcyclist to go and drive for Representative we can recommend motorcyclist to go and drive for NGO” he added.

According to him, the Union is taking the sector from zero to hero and at the same time taking it from the bottom to the top.
Mr. Morris explained that this is the first time in the history of Liberia for a motorcycle union to launch a vocational program adding that it has not been done in any part of the Country thereby praying that it happens in all parts of Liberia.

He stated that all of the negative comments have been attributed to the sector such as indiscipline, disgruntle and violence sector while there are criminals in the sector.

“But then I sat back and I wonder and said yes all of the bad things we say about the sector and about the motorcyclist what are we doing to transform this sector, what are we doing to develop this sector; what are we doing to improve this sector and the motorcyclists too they can become a nation builder, they can be part of the decision maker in society” he lamented.

Additionally, Morris averred that some of the motorcyclists want to go to school but they are riding bikes that are not for themselves as such; as part of their platform when his leadership took over the Union he vowed to ensure that a driving school be initiated and the motorcyclists will be able to acquire a driving knowledge and be professional drivers that will represent their family, community and Liberia adding, ‘today we have come to make this commitment confirmed’.

The program according to Morris is part of the Union’s platform under the Educational Development Program (EDP) stating that his leadership said it will provide education for the motorcyclist at a minimum level.

He disclosed that the Union will call for the launching of another program which is the Motorcyclist Health Care Program which will enable the Union to address the health needs of the motorcyclists.

Morris explained that under the health care program the Union is working on connecting the Federation with a nearby Clinic that motorcyclist who may get involved into accident or sick will be sent to seek first aid treatment that the Union will be responsible for the treatment, stating that it is a form of giving back to the motorcyclists.

He also narrated that the Union has plans to launch a Repairing and General Servicing Agency (RGSA) to ensure that motorcyclists can take their bikes to the agency for repair if they developed a problem.
O.J Morris meanwhile expressed that the driving school is not only open to motorcyclists but the general public that wants to acquire driving skill.

He assured the public that the Union’s arm is open to working with government officials; the public and the marketers among others to be able to transform the sector because if it is a violence sector it can be made to be a non-violence sector by creating educational programs and conduct workshop that will build the capacity of the motorcyclists in order for them to become change agents in the community.

For his part, Margibi District #4 Representative Ben A. Fofana has assured the Union that he remains supportive to its initiatives.
Hon. Fofana told officials of the Union that from his interaction with them a few days ago and what he was told by the Union’s President tells him that the leadership stands for business especially with the immense contribution it is making to the transport, economy and the social sectors among others.

He furthered that a few years back the sector was considered to be a troublemaking sector, but today there are transformations taking place not only in Margibi but across Liberia.

“But most importantly I am impressed with the Margibi Motorcyclist Union, we at the leadership of the County or the Country we are happy when we see this type of development; people are organizing themselves for productive activities they are not organizing themselves to get into criminality” he noted.

The Margibi Lawmaker recounted the contribution the motorcyclists are making to the social and economic development of Liberia stating that there are places that cars cannot easily reach but motorcyclists are always there to fill in the gap.

Rep. Fofana who donated a motorbike to the Union to enhance its operation vowed to contribute to whatever initiatives it intends to undertake thereby asking the leadership to consistently engage his office.

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