DWF Blasts Baptist Prelate For Indulging Into Selective, Political Advocacy

The civil society group, Democratic Watch Forum (DWF) has blasted Baptist Preacher, Rev. Joseph Gardea Johnson for indulging into selective and politically driven advocacy since the inception of the George Weah Government.

The civil society group said Rev. Johnson who can be remembered for speaking loudly against societal vices in the past no matter where they occurred, has surprisingly changed gear, adopting the posture of ‘’pick and choose’’ advocacy, targeting specific individuals for political motive.

The group averred that its attention is particularly drawn to Rev. Gardea Johnson’s refusal to add his ‘vocal’ voice to those calling for speedy investigation in the death of 21-year-old Odell Sherman, an incident which is said to have occurred at the residence of Rev. Emmanuel Giddings, a good friend and fellow clergyman of Rev. Johnson.

DWF alarmed that since the mysterious demise of Odell, whose mother is also a member of the prayer team and President of the Women Department of Rev. Gardea Johnson’s Restoration Baptist Church, the public is yet to hear or feel Rev. Johnson’s concern about the sad circumstances surrounding her painful death.

The pro-democracy group is meanwhile calling on Rev. Johnson to disprove the widely held public perception by speaking out on the death of Odell Sherman, who died in the compound of his good friend Rev. Emmanuel Giddings, who also happens to be a relative of Vice President Jewel Howard Taylor, another staunch member and major financial contributor of Rev. Gardea Johnson’s Restoration Baptist Church.

DWF believes Rev. Johnson would rightly end his sabbatical from general advocacy if he joins the mother of the late Odell, Mrs. Cynthia Sherman in calling on the Liberian government through the Police to do everything humanly possible to bring to book those responsible for her daughter’s untimely death which is reported to have occurred on the premises of Rev. Gardea Johnson’s friend, Emmanuel Giddings.

The group is also calling on Rev. Johnson to encourage his church mother, Vice President Jewel Howard Taylor, a strong voice in women advocacy in Liberia, to join the family of the late Odell in calling for speedy investigation into circumstances surrounding her demise and bring any and all perpetrators to book in order to bring relief to the bereaved family.

It can be recalled that Rev. Johnson recently launched a verbal attack on the Legislature for not performing its constitutional role for the benefit of the Liberian people.

He particularly accused Speaker Bhofal Chambers of bad leadership style and failing to exemplify what he (Speaker Chambers) stood for in his advocacy during the regime of former President Ellen Johnson Sirleaf.

But the civil society organization, in a release issued Tuesday in Monrovia, described Rev. Johnson’s attack on the Speaker as pointless, malicious and a feeble political project that is dead on arrival.

The civil society organization challenged Rev. Gardea Johnson to stop shooting himself in the leg and resume his advocacy on a good footing by being holistic and bear in mind the popular adage which says, ‘’he who comes with equity must come with clean hands’’.

The group maintained that it is public knowledge that Rev. Johnson went into silence since 2018, following his appointment by President George Manneh Weah as Board member of the Liberia Electricity Corporation (LEC).

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