“Do Not Run Away” BWI’s Principal Tells Workers – Vows To Institute Stringent Measures

Days following his reinstatement by the Ministry of Education on the instruction of President George Manneh Weah, the Principal and Executive Officer of the Booker T. Washington Institute, Atty. Harris Fomba Tarnue is admonishing workers who supported his removal not to run away but should rather join him to make BWI a better place.

Atty. Tarnue, ‘I said this last Friday to the Minister of Education and I said it yesterday, it’s time for those who are trying to break the school down to come back; I hold nothing against anybody”.

Mr. Tarnue explained that there had been persistent media war against his personality pointing fingers at one Moses Lablah whom according to him said the biggest mistake former President Ellen Johnson Sirleaf made was to have him (Tarnue) appointed as Principal of BWI, something the reinstated Principal said has been repeated by President George Weah.

“President George Weah said Mr. Tarnue go back and work and serve at BWI, so let him go back on the radio and say George Weah has made the greatest mistake again.”

The Principal also figured out one Marie whom he referred to as his own sister that went on the radio and said he has done nothing at BWI and at the same time point fingers at Rev. Mcgee.

“But they should not run away let them come let’s work together, they must reconcile with themselves first; like the preacher man said ‘because in forgiveness there must be first repentance’ that’s how the scripture puts it and we are ready to work” he stated.

He also indicated that people on his cabinet did not show their faces during the week and on the founder’s day terming it as a shame and disgrace on them.

“You sit down as an administrator of the school on the school’s founder day anniversary you didn’t participate, what are you trying to show; they can’t run away they must come while they remain here” the Principal lamented.

Mr. Tarnue said his choice for his colleagues who went against him to work is with them stating that he is open, urging them to get on board to rebuild the school and make it second to none adding that he has nothing against them and that it’s time to work together.

The Principal said on Friday of last week he went to the different trade shops as well as offices and he saw that people are still trying to shy away asking as to how long they will continue doing it.

He added that even some of the Deans have tried to influence the students to do the wrong things thereby calling on them to stop and help the students become better citizens for tomorrow.

Mr. Tarnue who said some of the instructors that went against him were doing it ignorantly revealed that he was not fighting to become Principal but averred that Liberia is a Country of Law and not men.

He indicated that no one is above the Law and if anyone does what is wrong, the Law must remain the Law explaining that this is what makes a nation great. He thanked President George Manneh Weah for having him reinstated stating that this is a sign of a new day in Liberia where men will not boast of their friendship and relationship with the President and say they can do anything and no one can change it.

The Principal meanwhile outlined the damages students of the institution caused on the Campus during their recent riot. According to him, the bell tower that was built in 1972 was destroyed by a student that must have been influenced by drugs, alcohol and little cash to commit such act, a character he said is not what he wants to build.

He also stated that the students broke the glasses on the dormitories where they sleep cautioning them to build good characters.

He said the behaviors of the students signaled to his administration that they must begin to reexamine and scrutinize the kind of students to admitted into the school and observe them as they go along. The BWI Boss has however announced plans to institute stringent measures that are intended to make the Institution a better place.

Harris Tarnue said the 2019/2020 admission test will be more stringent than before and the Institution will be looking for real good students.

He said the School’s handbook will be revised while the vacation is on in order to make it strong adding, ‘someone is a student and uses BWI uniform and goes out and commit something go and sit on Radio and insult instructors and administration then you say you student, that will never happen again on BWI’.

The principal, however, said he will not be a wicked leader because he does not have to be wicked but he will not be weak promising to be strong this time using the law. Mr. Tarnue said he will use the law to ensure that there is decency among their staff adding that he gave people too many second chances because he has thought it is good for people but they said it is not good for them.

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