BWI AA Liberia’s Chapter Leadership Boycott Founder’s Day Celebration-Atty. Tarnue Says It Is A Disgrace

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The Principal and Executive Officer of the Booker T. Washington Institute (BWI) Harris Fomba Tarnue has described as a disgrace on the BWI Alumni Association Liberia’s chapter for the absence of the Association’s Leadership from the Institute’s founder day held in Kakata recently.

Mr. Tarnue disclosed that the absence of the Association’s President and every officer is a reflection that the Association does not have the school at heart.

“Love your Alma Matter, it’s not an individual, BWI is above everyone and we should submit to that principle and stand to support the sustainability of this Institution; so yesterday all of the executives of BWI AA in Liberia, none of them show their faces here because they have been part and parcel of the crisis here on BWI. They have fermented the trouble here on BWI because they have a personal interest, personal agenda to secure here but God will continue to sustain the good work here and bring them down to shame and disgrace” he narrated.

He challenged the BWI AA and said there is a need to revise the AA and carry credible men on board to lead the Association adding that they boast of being the strongest Association of any high school in Liberia noting, ‘can we afford to have such a leadership leading us?”

Mr. Tarnue disclosed that it is time to make a change in the Association thereby calling on all graduates of BWI to rise up to the challenge and make the Alumni Association stronger than before by putting in men and women who have the school at heart and will work to move the school forward.

Principal Tarnue, “when the class of ‘89’ through the chair of the founder’s day committee called me and said they want to be part of the program I said what good will is it to celebrate the founder day by having classes coming to showcase themselves to see how we can work together to promote the school? so I was very pleased”.

He said this is what they want to see going forward where during founder’s day every class will come up with a plan that will help to move the Institute forward adding that this is how people build Institution and not by undermining what is good for the general welfare of the Institution.

The Principal who also called on the representative of the Association America’s chapter to take back the message that he was the only one who represented the Association at this year’s founder day of BWI be it in Liberia or abroad , he acknowledged that this further speaks to the argument that members of the Association in the States are making that they want to be represented on the BWI Board of Governors because they contribute to BWI more than those who are in Liberia and those who are part of the National Association.

He argued that the Association members in the States contribute a lot to BWI yet they don’t have a voice in the Board of Governors and those who have a voice in the Board of Governors are the ones trying to destroy the Institution rather than building it.

“We have to make a change so maybe I will join you in the argument; tell the guys in the States we must have the BWI NAA in the United States is represented on the Board of Governors,” he said

The BWI Principal said in the revised chapter that they are now working on, they will ensure that the BWI NAA in the United States is represented on the Board of Governors.

He then said the BWI 90th anniversary was divine and could not be aborted terming the celebration as successful and well celebrated to the dismay of the detractors who thought it could not be well attended by the faculty, staff and students of BWI.

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