Senator Prince Johnson Wants Nimbaians To Join His Party Or The Ruling Coalition for Democratic Change, If They Want To Work In The Weah Led-government

The political leader of the Movement for Democracy and Reconstruction is calling on citizens of Nimba County to join his party or the ruling Coalition For Democratic Change to enable them to work in the George Weah led-government.

According to Senator Johnson, Nimbaians who are part of other political parties that are not allied with the ruling establishment will not be given the opportunity to work in the public sector unless they join his party or the governing CDC.

He said, as a political godfather of Nimba, any of his kinsmen who continue to remain critical of the government despite efforts by the government to resuscitate the country’s economy, will not be given the opportunity to serve in the public sector.

Senator Johnson said, the CDC-led government is making significant efforts to improve the livelihood of Liberians; saying, it’s important for his kinsmen to embrace such efforts.

He described the former ruling Unity Party whom he supported in the 2011 General and Presidential Elections as a dead political institution that has formed a merger with another failed political institution to deceive the Liberian people.

Senator Johnson has pledged his party’s full support to the candidature of Abu Kamara and Pauletta Wie in the district 15 and Montserrado County senatorial by-election.

Senator Johnson believes the two candidates are exemplary leaders that will help to champion the government’s pro-poor agenda at the National Legislature if elected.


  • So Mr. Johnson, what you’re saying is that Liberians in their very own motherland will be denied the opportunity to work just for some flimsy membership status in “son kana party”. This is a sure sign of backwardness in thinking. I’m sorry since the end of the war you so willingly took part in, you may not have had the opportunity to travel to other parts of this planet, to other nations, to exposure, to see how true democracy works in other places. Join your party my foot! Wha’ run with dis so-called political godfather yeh? In my motherland?


  • Senator Johnson has no idea how much CDC hates him.The party stalwarts did not want anything to do with Senator Johnson during the first round of the election. The Senator has nothing to be afraid of. He should be forgiving and be quiet like Rep Boley of Grand Gedeh. County. When real push comes to shove, CDC will abandon you, Senator Johnson.


  • Creeping division on ethnic line is slowly evolving.


  • The murderer Prince Johnson is right. It’s the ignorance of his people that he markets every damn time.


    • You are a dammed coward. You are afraid to stand by what you wrote here by remaining anonymous. Next time, just shut up.


  • Hahahaha,Liberia really take trouble look. your see this killer calling himself a pastor..

    Mr. Killer you’re right tell them, because they are the one that put us in this mess.. Making man like Prince Y. Johnson senator.. Nimbians, your sorry ooooo,but that boy will used your because your look for it.

    Let me say it the Liberian way..


  • Joseph Tougbay

    I watched a video in which the senator eloquently persuaded Liberians not to vote CDC’s George Weah!
    He enumerated the reasons as follows:
    1. George Weah played soccer to highest level in the history of football and won all the possible titles and awards. He was worth 93 million dollars at the peak of his career, but failed to do anything for his country including building a football academy like his counterparts.
    2.He squandered all of his wealth and went broke in a relatively short period of time.
    3. Hence if George Weah were to ascend to the presidency, he would squander all the nation’s resources as he had failed to manage his.
    Now the Senator is telling Nimbaians to join the same CDC of George Weah.
    This man is truly a whirlwind of inconsistencies, greed, and confusion!


  • It’s a shame that our so-called godfather PYJ always sounded divisive.


  • Ignore his comments for once and tell me one appointee in this government that is not associated with PYJ party or the CDC? He has just fill out the unspoken. That is exactly what’s happening so what’s the point. If you want an appointed Job, do just that.


  • That is why Liberia should have had a trial of all those killers in the civil like Johnson and butt naked. We are in trouble; Even Mr, Johnson in his own words said that for Liberia to be save, all those killer must be killed.


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