School Dean, Proprietor Sent To Prison

The Dean of the Solitiamon Christian School and the Proprietor was ordered arrested by the Monrovia City Court and sent to the Monrovia Central Prison for alleged Aggravated Assault and Criminal Facilitation.

The court’s Writ which in the possession of The Monrovia Times indicated that, “you are hereby commanded to arrest the living bodies of Solomon M. Joah Jr. and Solomon Sr. to be identified, defendant and forthwith bring them before Stipendiary Magistrate, Temple of Justice, Monrovia to answer to the charge of Aggravated Assault and Criminal Facilitation based upon the Oath and Complaint of the Republic of Liberia by and Thru Abel William for and on behalf of his minor Daughter Saluwa L. Cassa Plaintiff in which it is substantially alleged as follow to Wit:”

The Writ of Arrest further indicated that during the period of May 20 2019, in the area of 20st in Sinkor, Co-defendant Solomon M. Joah Jr. who is a teacher at the Soltiamon Christian School System being there and then with the intent to cause private prosecutor minor daughter herein serious bodily injury, purposely and intentionally beat, whip and inflicted pains and injuries (wound) on the body of the said child with a rattan against her will, thereby causing her to sustain several bruises on her body and butt which said action on the part of the aforesaid co-defendant was intentionally ignored by co-defendant Solomon M. Joah Sr., the principal and the Authority of the school with the intent to facilitate the violent conduct of the codefendant Solomon Joah Jr.

Monrovia City Court has found the two defendants in violation of Section 14.20 and 10.2 of the new Penal Law of Liberia.

It can be recalled in recent time, the female student left her class during school hour to take advantage of her free class period and went down to another class to asked her colleague to borrow sanitary pad after she noticed that her pad had finished.

According to local media report, “She explained that on her way back to class, she met the Dean of Students Affairs, Solomon Joah, Jr. who asked her why she was out of class and after she explained, he insisted he wanted to see the sanitary pad to ascertain whether she was saying the truth”

“I had an issue with a sanitary pad because mine had finished and I was seeing my menses, so I went to borrow some from my friend. While on my way back to my class, he met me and asked why I was out of class. I explained that it was personal but he insisted that I tell him. I explained that I went to borrow a pad from a friend. He insisted I show him the pad so I showed the pad and he ordered the boys to hold me so that he could whip me. After the first 65 lashes, he said I disrespected him because I didn’t cry so he ordered that they hold me again for another 65 lashes,” the female student explained.

Currently, she experiences pains and has been home for days. The bruises from the whip have scarred all over her butt and might take a long time to disappear

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