YUSA Launch Financial Aid Program In Bong

A group of students under the banner ‘Yainadowuin United Students Association’ (YUSA ) Yarta Jorquelleh District #2 have launched a financial aid program to help desiring students from the region continue their education.

The association according to its president Paul G. Mulbah at an elaborate program geared toward raising the sum of $500,000 Liberian Dollars stated that they intend to buttress the efforts of parents and send their kids to school.

Mr. Mulbah said since they established the association in January of this year, they intend to better the educational sojourn of citizens from the district to remain in school.

According to him the money when generated will be used by the association to pay some arrears of about 200 students sitting in different schools in the county most especially students from the district.

He called on parents and eminent citizens from both Yellequelleh and Jorquelleh Districts to take ownership of the student association if the lives of the school going kids must be improved.

Serving as a keynote speaker and chief-launcher of the rally, Mrs. Sonnie Yallah the wife of Senator Yallah admonished officials of the association to remain focus in their dream of bettering their community.

Mrs. Yallah thanked the organizers of the rally noting, it is a sign of paying back to society.

The Senator’s wife who was robust in her speech warned politicians of the county and country at large to begin looking back at the bridges that crossed them to the promised land.

Mrs. Yallah said it is discouraging to note that poverty striking citizens will continue to use their might to making people represent them at different government offices at the end, they fail to better their conditions.

She said it is now time that lawmakers and other successful Liberians begin aiding the less fortunate to become successful too instead of being partial in the wealth distribution.

At the Yainadowuin United Students Association rally, Mrs. Yallah provided $90,000 while Representative Edward Karfiah pledged $100,000 Liberian Dollars respectively.

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