Mother Of The Late Odell Sherman And Liberian National Student Union Stage Protest In Monrovia


The Mother of the late Odell Sherman and the Liberia National Student Union are demanding the immediate arrest of Reverend Emmanuel Giddings for the alleged murder of their daughter.

The body of 21 years old Odell Sherman was found lying in the pool of blood in the compound of Rev. Emmanuel Giddings on May 20, 2019, in Margibi County.

Madam Cynthia Sherman, who joined LINSU in a protest on Wednesday said since the demised of her daughter, no police or the gender ministry have contacted her for follow up.

Moreover, the group claimed that the Reverend be arrested since Sotimon School principal and proprietor Rev. Solomon Joah Sr was jailed for beating on a female student.

They are demanding an independent autopsy to be conducted on the remains of her daughter, adding that she does not trust the Government of Liberia on autopsies.

Speaking to reporters Wednesday at the ST. Moses funeral home on Somalia Drive, Mrs. Sherman accused the CDC government of marginalizing her and her family on the basis of connections.

According to Mrs. Sherman, mother of the deceased, the government of Liberia has denied the family pathologist brought into the country on the account of him not having a license to perform such task after rising over seven thousand United States dollars.

Meanwhile, the president of the Liberian National Union Mohammed Gandi is calling for the immediate arrest of Rev. Emmanuel Giddings in order to prevent him from leaving the country.

Gandi said if the government refuses to arrest Rev. Giddings, he will be arrested by the student community.

He said authorities of the Liberia Nation Police earlier informed the student body and the family that government autopsies will be conducted on the remains of the late Odell this Friday.

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