Bad Roads Causing Havoc In Southeast

With barely three months in the rainy season, citizens in the Southeastern region of Liberia particularly the route between Nimba and Grand Gedeh are said to be experiencing deplorable conditions of their roads.

Information reaching The Monrovia Times has disclosed that citizens in Kpelle Town, Grand Gedeh County were demanding money so that they can allow commuters to use a detour which was created by them to be able to by-pass the deplorable areas along that highway.

Speaking to our reporter, the commuters that included business people disclosed that makeshift checkpoints or gates set up by residents along the road reminded them about the infamous checkpoints erected by fighters of the warring factions during the fifteen years civil unrest.

According to our reporter in that part of the country, the deplorable road conditions in southeastern Liberia is seriously causing havoc for motorists, passengers and students who no longer use the road network because of its deplorable conditions.

This situation confirms that the underdevelopment of the country is primarily the result of bad roads in every part of Liberia but the bad roads are mainly experienced during the rainy season where any portion of the roads become muddy which makes it difficult for vehicles to access that part of the country easily.

Some travelers after trying to walk through a stretch of mud would stand-still, exhausted, with both legs buried in the mud and pondering how to get out. Residents along those muddy patches of the road would offer to rescue the stranded pedestrians after they have been promised some amount of cash.

Along the deplorable roads, houses once occupied by rural dwellers are being abandoned as the result of the mud and stranded passengers have moved into those abandoned huts until their vehicles can leave the mud to their designated journey.

There have also been reports that there are several individuals stranded along that route.

Meanwhile, citizens in that part of the country are calling the government of President George M. Weah to see reasons to fix the road so that they cannot be cut off from the rest of the other counties

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