GOL Embarks On Salary Harmonization-Health Workers, Others To Get Salary Increment

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Good news for health workers, Police Officers, Personals of the Armed Forces of Liberia and Teachers as Government of Liberia has announced plan to increase their salaries as part of its salary harmonization process.

The disclosure was made by the Comptroller General of the Republic of Liberia, Janga Kowo in Kakata over the weekend in an interview with newsmen at the end of program marking the graduation of cohort 10 Pre-service “C” Certificate Teacher Training Program at the Kakata Rural Teacher Training Institute (KRTTI) where he served as guest speaker.

Mr. Kowo said people who are in the high ups such as Ministers, Deputy and Assistant Ministers, Managing Directors, Director Generals and Directors who are earning what had been determined to be the agreeable salary scale for directors and others in government will be affected in the process.

He noted that there cannot be people making a huge sum of money that the Government cannot afford adding that this is why wages are being harmonized.

According to him, the Liberia National Police, Armed Forces of Liberia, the Liberia Drug Enforcement Agency, the Liberia Immigration Service, Teachers and Health Workers are going to receive increment under the new budget beginning July of 2019.

Kowo recounted that some of those named will get about thirty, thirty-five and fifty dollars increment.

“All medical workers for an instance, nurses that are making below hundred US dollars are going to be push to hundred US dollars, so you see we are trying to bring equity in civil service when it comes to the wage distribution” he said.

He narrated that the harmonization process is intended to remove the disparity in the public service.

“Well our understanding is that the International Community has been pressurizing the Liberian Government over the last six-seven years to harmonize salary but due to the lack of political will on the part of previous government that exercise was not undertaken and as a new government we think it is important to remove the disparity in the public service, in the civil service; you cannot have one secretary making two hundred another secretary making eight hundred so that is why the harmonization is all about” Hon. Kowo stated.

The Comptroller General indicated that the current government is not bowing down to the pressure from the International Community but the salary harmonization is the right thing to do.

He at the same time boasted of the Weah-led government’s achievement in paying the WASSCE fees for 12 graders across Liberia for two academic years as well as the implementation of the free tuition policy for public Universities and Colleges which according to him the Government has fulfilled.

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