Rep. Jones Attributes Liberia’s Problems To Poor Management Of Natural Resources And Corruption

Margibi electoral District #2 Representative, Ivar Kokulo Jones has attributed the problems of Liberia to corruption and the poor management of the Country’s natural resources.

Rep. Jones made the assertion at the fourth graduation and closing exercise of the Grace International Foundation School (GIFS) held in Charlesville Township, Lower Margibi County over the weekend.

The Lawmaker in his assertion said from the economic standpoint there are 11 major natural resources in the World that even if a Country has, such Country can use it and will develop indicating that Liberia has more than one.

According to him, everyone knows that Liberia is one of the Richest Countries in the World adding that the Country has natural resources such as mountains and forest among others in surplus. He said at the time Liberia was at the peak becoming the highest exporter of Ore and having the largest plantation in the World, it still remains backward.

“So I am saying because of the poor management of our natural resources this is why we are in this type of situation, even looking at our population Liberia is one of the Countries in the World without a high population so if you were to match the natural resources against the population it means that the natural resources are enough to benefit the lives of everyone but because of poor management today our Country is where we are” he explained.

The Margibi Lawmaker narrated that the Country’s natural resources are being managed by the Liberian Government which has the power to use them rightly but if it is not used for the intended purpose to bring a trigger down effect on the common people, then it will mean that it is as the result of poor management for which Liberia and Liberians are at where they are today.

He at the same time called on the Weah-led government and governments to use the natural resources of the Country wisely so that they can be used to develop the lives of the people and the Country.

Hon. Jones averred that there should be accountability and transparency where people will be accountable for what they receive especially in the public glance. He said if a fund was directed for a particular purpose and was misused, those responsible must be persecuted according to the Law.

Hon. Jones, “there are laws on the book, so it means that corrupt official or whoever should be dealt with so that at the end of the day the value of money can be felt by the people, the natural resources that the people have to benefit them and improve their lives can be felt by them but in the absence of that at the end of the day we will have our Country to be where we are and our Country will remain to be where it is”.

He said unless there is proper accountability in the country where people will be held accountable for their action it means that Liberia will go nowhere.

He was quick to point out that the problem Liberia has today did not emanate from the current government but years back stating that those wrongs that were written before should be right now so that if there were any mistakes, a benchmark can be set to be able to right those wrongs.

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