Shut Up! Chairman Morlu Tells Opposition


“Our government and people are left to inherit those economic endangerments and pains that we are currently going through and President George M. Weah is trying to clean the mess and find solutions to those bad governance practices left behind by former President Ellen Johnson-Sirleaf,” the Coalition for Democratic Change (CDC) Chairman Mulbah K. Morlu noted.

During a major press briefing at the party’s headquarters, CDC’s Chairman Morlu indicated that whilst President Weah is trying to find solution to the messy economy they created and left behind, the opposition must shut up and keep quiet because they do not have anything to tell the Liberian people; noting that “We strive to improve the country’s economy, we thought they should be supportive of the President’s agenda to improve the country for every Liberian.

Morlu urged CDCeans to remember every time when the price of basic commodities climb, they should remember the twelve years of former President Sirleaf’s economically degraded policies and the hike in the U.S. rate that is being caused by the surplus of Liberian dollars that was printed.

Mr. Morlu said the opposition is trying to create an impression that the difficulties Liberians are faced with today is being caused by the Weah’s government but clarified that the CDC is not the cause of those problems but rather they (Madam Sirleaf) are the once that left those bad economic policies behind.

“It is laughable to have heard that the U.S. based Politician and ANC Political Leader, Alexander B. Cummings talking about the ruling party (CDC) wants to rig the elections, where the CDC has no competitor; but I believe that the oppositions are the once that want to rig the elections instead of the ruling party,” the Coalition for Democratic Change (CDC)’s Chairman Mulbah K. Morlu.

Speaking at an elaborate press conference over the weekend, CDC’s Chairman Morlu said the four collaborating political parties (UP, LP, ANC and ALP) know clearly that they stand no chance to win in the two bi-elections because of what they experienced in the 2017 Presidency and Representatives elections when the CDC overwhelmingly won fourteen counties.

He said Cummings association with the corrupt former ruling political party (UP) has tainted his mind and character and as such he has become telling lies as well as undermining his integrity.

Chairman Morlu said he wondered why Mr. Cummings will be putting out information that is based on falsehood, baseless and without facts; adding that statements from the Alternative National Congress political leader, Cummings tells Liberians his (Cummings) political ignorance and greed for power.

The ruling Coalition for Democratic Change’s (CDC) Chairman Morlu alleged that the two candidates of the four collaboration political parties Telia Urey, and Darius Dillon are planning to buy voters card from Liberians who don’t support their quest in order to prevent them from voting.

He said those who are accusing the CDC of rigging the pending by-elections are the once trying to manipulate elections; adding that part of their strategy to steal the election is to buy smartphones so that electorates who will voters in their favor can take a photo of their ballot paper when casting their vote as evidence that they voted in their favor.
“After they have voted they will be given them money for casting their vote in their favor,” Chairman Morlu noted.

At a news conference held at the party’s headquarter in Congo Town, Chairman Morlu indicated that an under-qualified politician who exploited taxpayers money to study on government scholarship sponsored program to obtain quality education abroad return to the country empty-handed without obtaining any degree but today he says he wants to become a senator for Montserrado.

The CDC’s Chairman during the press briefing lauded all partisans of the tripartite Coalition of Democratic Change (CDC) that includes the National Patriotic Party (NPP), the Liberia People Democratic Party (LPDP), the Congress for Democratic Change (CDC) and collaborating partners for their steadfastness and demonstrated commitment to the revolutionary essence of their struggle and for supporting President George M. Weah’s Pro-poor agenda.

CDC Chairman, Morlu pointed out that as the Weah’s government eclipse under-development, Liberians and CDCeans must remember that this country has been destroyed for one-hundred and seventy-one years by former President Ellen Johnson-Sirleaf and her bunch of criminals and other past regimes before the CDC administration.

He lamented that destruction and economic collapse was brought into motion by former President Sirleaf and cohorts who stole from public covers and did nothing to encourage economic recovery and revitalization but printed money in excess for which her son and others are indicted and charged for illegitimately printing money without the consent of the National Legislature.

According to the party’s Chairman, it is because of the excess money that was printed, the U.S. rate against the Liberian dollar continues to climb; adding that these were some of those bad practices that She (Ellen), her sons and her criminal empire crafted to enrich themselves.
“We are thankful that we have a government that is currently indicting people who were corrupt in the Former President Ellen Johnson-Sirleaf’s regime and were audited by her government in various audit reports,” Chairman Morlu noted.

According to the CDC’s Chairman, the fight against corruption by the CDC-led government shows that President Weah is financially discipline and it also show that his government is here to clean the mess but called on opposition particular the former ruling Unity Party (UP) that while they are cleaning the mess they must shut up because members of the collaboration political parties do not believe in the country’s patriotism and as such they must give the Weah government chance to put things in the right perspective.

“Every other party remains briefcase, pressure groups, that do not have the population blessing of the people of Liberia particularly those that are loyal to their struggle; above all is CDCeans are peaceful especially they exemplified themselves during the June 7 protest when they were being provoked,” Chairman Morlu indicated.

He warned partisans not to embrace confrontation or argument with anyone that will become violent; adding that whenever you are provoked by individuals from the opposition bloc do not bow to their temptation but continue to be tolerant because CDCeans now have the mantle of authority to lead the country.

Speaking on the postponement of the election:
The CDC’s Chairman Morlus indicated that “No matter how many times you delay the feast, when the appropriate time reaches for the cow to be slaughtered it will surely be slaughter; so proverbially the cow will still be crucified no matter how many delays.”

During the press conference, Chairman Morlu noted that they are going to wait patiently for the National Elections Commission (NEC) to set the new date for the bi-elections, “we are eager to go to the poll to cast our votes because we are the one that will win because we have the momentum, the crew support and voters and so we are not afraid,” Chairman Morlu averred.

He said the CDC’s candidates in the race are the best in the two bi-elections because they are the most formidable forces among the rest of those candidates that are participating in the elections
We are even angry that the elections are postponed because expect it to take place today we can beat those participants in the election, they already know that Montserrado County belongs to the Congress for Democratic Change (CDC) and no party has the majority will in the Montserrado.

We hope that the NEC Will come up with a new date soon so that we can be able to find a date for our final campaign launch but whatever day the NEC decides as you all know ‘experienced player can’t fight jersey’
President weah is becoming to be the best president ever in the history of Liberia evidence of his developmental initiatives that he is undertaking since he took office one and the half-year ago now.

Thanks for you mass turn out in the June 22 campaign launch that was held at the party’s headquarters in Monrovia that send shock wave in the feeble domain of the opposition we consider CDCeans and other Liberians as exceptional by always demonstrating peace and respect for the rule of law.

The commitment of CDCeans to President Weah is a commitment to the country’s developmental platform that would never stop under this president, we asked you to turnout and you came in your numbers doubling the expectation of hierarchy of the party

June 22 was a historic day that dispel the mindset of a handful of angry people who lost the past elections in their minute minority who were striving and will never stop striving to undermined our new form of democratic order “You came out and show the opposition that there is only and one political institution in the country that has the masses base.
This country has been destroyed for over one hundred and seventy years, that destruction and economic lapse were caused by those very people who are asking CDCeans for their votes

He lauded president weah who continues to inspire CDCeans and Liberians at large and is going to be the greatest president ever in the history of Liberia for the building of roads, free education university students, payment of High school students WASSCE fees and other tangibles that he is undertaking.

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  1. Some people are pretending not to know the cause of the present Economic Crisis. They are trying to use the present Economic Hardship for selfish Political gain.
    The members of the opposition have no interest in the welfare of the Liberian people. They are engaged in politics as usual to spread lies and misinformation about the ongoing problems in Liberia. Their sole intention is to incite violence amongst the people in order to cause chaos and anarchy in the Country.

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