Firestone Redundant Workers Seek Margibi Legislative Caucus, Gov’t’s Intervention

About 600 former workers of Firestone-Liberia claiming to have been in the employ of the Company are seeking for the intervention of the Margibi Legislative Caucus and the Central Government.

The Chairman of the “redundant employees”, James Borleh, Sr. told The Monrovia Times in Kakata recently that their call for the intervention of the Margibi Legislative Caucus and the central government into the case involving them and the Firestone Management is for the two groups to ensure that they get what he calls their actual benefit from Firestone.

“What we want is our actual benefit from Firestone” he recounted,

Mr. Borleh said they were redundant illegally by the Management of Firestone in 2016 stating that they don’t know the reason for which the Company redundant them.

He asserted that some of the redundant employees sustained injuries on the job and the Company sent them to various Hospitals to seek medication and upon their return, they were issued redundancy letters something he added was not fair to them. Mr. Borleh averred that some of the redundant workers have problems with their arms, legs and eyes as well.

According to him, some of them worked for the Company and they met the benchmark (25-years) as such; they needed to be retired.

Mr. Borleh said he worked as a divisional clerk for twenty-four years eleven months stating that he deserves to be retired.

“Some of us worked for the Company for 25 years, some worked for 20 years and they had serious accident on the job site but the Company called us for our regular pay Mr. Borleh indicated.

He revealed that while receiving their regular pay, the Firestone Management called them and served them redundancy letters and at the same time requested that the redundant workers should evacuate the Company’s houses within two weeks before receiving their checks.

Mr. Borleh clarified that it was also mentioned in the redundancy letters that were issued them by the Firestone Management that the Company was giving them compensation adding, ‘we understand that compensation is when somebody works for you then you compensating him’.

With this, the Firestone redundant employees Chairman argued that they believe that they are still standing back to receive their payoff benefit disclosing that they were all fully employed with the Company.

Mr. Borleh narrated that they, as redundant workers have been engaging national government on the issue including the Labor Ministry and the Ministry, arranged conferences between them and the Firestone Management but said because they don’t have money each time they appear the Company will always carry its Lawyer to put in for excuse.

He further revealed that they wrote the Firestone Agricultural Workers Union of Liberia (FAWUL) and the Labor Ministry but they have not seen any way out.

Meanwhile, Mr. Borleh said as the result of the situation and the lack of job, they have been on their basic hustle as some migrated into the interior parts of the Country to do farming while others are around making gardens for survival.

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