In Margibi, 2014 Senatorial Candidate Embarks On Pre-Campaign Activity Ahead Of 2020 Midterm Election

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A 2014 Senatorial candidate in Margibi County has started paving the way for his 2020 senatorial bid by carrying on pre-campaign activities and soliciting the votes of the people of Margibi County.

Campaigning without the National Elections Commissioner giving a go-ahead to candidates or aspirants is a violation of the Election Laws of Liberia but Mr. Gabriel G. Bedell, Jr. seems not to care about it as he was seen calling on Margibians recently to vote for him comes 2020 if the County must progress.

Mr. Bedell who served as a guest speaker at the 4th closing and graduation program of the Path of Peace Academy Daycare and Elementary School in Garzon Reserved Division #16 in Firestone over the weekend had his 2020 platform posted in the auditorium of the school as if campaigns were declared open.

Performing his task as guest speaker, Mr. Bedell told Margibians that he is an eagle that is seated in a tree watching and observing the Journalists most especially talk show hosts and politicians whom he referred to as noisy birds thus asking them to allow him land 2020 and he will challenge those causing noise in the County.

“Allow me to land 2020, I will challenge them, we will plant pineapple, we will plant banana, we will plant pawpaw, we will plant rice we will export it and bring money into this Country we will be self-sufficient in food production,” he said.

He also asserted that Margibians are living in poverty in their own County because they vote based on the case people take to them terming it as their own resources.

Mr. Bedell in his message urged Margibians not to vote for rice and cash but those who can transform their lives.

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