Unknown Body Discovered In Todee District-As Fear Gripped Citizens

A woman believes to be in her 30s was on Monday, July 8, 2019 discovered dead with bruises on her remains in Degagar Community, Todee District Montserrado County.

Degagar Community is situated in Todee District, Montserrado County around the vicinity of the Morris American Rubber Company (MARCO) on the Suakoko highway.

The Town Chief of the area, Nathan Singbeh told newsmen on Tuesday July 9, 2019 that the body was discovered lying in a small rubber bush by members of the Community Watch Forum from Kakata and had them inform.

“Yes, the body we ourselves we don’t know but police detachment from Kakata and some watch night forum they the one came and discover this body and they told us, about two days ago we been here” he added.

Singbeh said since the discovery of the decomposed body, residents of the community are now living in fear and can no longer go to their farms.

He told reporters that officers of the Liberian National Police assigned at the Morris American Rubber Company (MARCO) detachment have since been notified, but promised to shortly dispatch investigators of the homicide division of the Liberian National Police to probe the matter.

Meanwhile, Residents of the area are calling on authorities to take the corpse from the vicinity of their community due to the serious pollution it is causing them.

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