For Role Played In Community Road Rehabilitation, District #2 Residents Hail Representative Jones

Citizens of electoral district #2 in Margibi County have hailed their District Representative Ivar K. Jones for his role played in the rehabilitation of a community road.

The citizens in an interview with our reporter in Cotton Tree recently said the role played by the Lawmaker in the rehabilitation of the road in their community is something they will never forget in their lives.

According to them, they have lived in the Community for years without road thus causing them serious embarrassment in terms of traveling from one point to another.

One of the Community residents who said she has lived in the area for about ten years was seen celebrating and hailing Representative Jones for making them have access to the road.

Mrs. Nancy T. Motima stated that the Representative is a man of his word in that anything he says is what he does. According to Mrs. Motima, Rep. Jones previously built a bridge and promised to build their road when elected adding that, the Lawmaker is a man who lives by his word.

“When we came here this place that was bush we came we live in this forest only small road use to come from Sugar Hill and pass and go, but there was no road; there was no bridge my husband use to tie the pick-up stick (reed) here because we having the school here the children use to cross in the water sometimes the children use to fall in the water and sometimes the old-ma them use to fall in the water” she explained.

Madam Motima indicated that since she moved into the District Hon. Jones is the number one Lawmaker in terms of doing things for his people since his election in 2017.

She vowed to vote for Rep. Jones should he declare his intention to contest for the second time. “Yes the motorbike can pass; cars can pass so it makes us look happy so for the second time even self when he going he not even self got to call us self because we will just be voting for him we will just be like crazy people in the street” Madam Motima asserted.

Another lady identified as Mamie Memebeh thanked Hon. Jones for coming to their rescuing them. She narrated that at the time the road was only a footpath she fell down from the reed bridge the Community dwellers tied over the water while on her way to work.

“So I happy about it so much, some of them can talk it but they can’t stand over their word that the one I was telling him over there just now I say more people been coming in our community putting us in meeting calling us we will do this we will do that for your” she said.

She admonished politicians to do development for the nation for the citizens to see as taking money giving it to them is nothing.

Meanwhile, the District Lawmaker Ivar K. Jones has revealed that the road was rehabilitated through a dialogue held between him and the Firestone Management.

He stated that before his ascendency to the position of Representative there was a public outcry that the Firestone Management was digging trenches thus impeding the movement of citizens that reside in and around the area specifically the Cotton Tree Community a situation he tried finding a solution to.

The Lawmaker added that when he ascended the public outcry continues thereby leaving him with no other alternative but to write the Firestone Management and engage them through a dialogue.

He indicated that during the dialogue he asked the Management of Firestone to see if there could be an alternative route provided for the affected Communities something he said was accepted and the Company rehabilitated the Sugar Hill-Congo Town road that has created a new route for affected citizens.

“It means that citizens that were being affected before, that were denied access through the trenches dug can now have an alternative route through the Cotton Town Community, through Sugar Hill come up to Bethel World and then get access to the mean road” he recounted.

He thanked the Management of Firestone-Liberia for accepting his request that led to the rehabilitation of the road.



One comment

  • Yekeh Livingstone

    Thanks to Hon. Ivar Jones and the Management of Firestone Liberia for the timely intervention in restoring relief through road network. Thanks also to the residents of Cotton tree Town for the support & love shown to their law maker and the management of Firestone, Liberia over the yrs. Indeed together we are stronger!


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