BWI Workers Union Urged To Work As A Team-Celebrates 4th Anniversary

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The National President of the National Association of Liberian School Principals, Emmanuel O. Kpahn is urging members of the Booker Washington Institute Workers Union (BOWIWU) to exhibit teamwork.

Mr. Kpahn speaking on the theme “Team building, a very serine and salient tenet or a strong union” said if the BWI Workers Union never had a strong team; it could not be a strong Union during the recent crisis that took place on the BWI campus. According to him, though the Union practicing what it is and what it means by a strong team, he stopped by to remind them to remain strong.

The President who also defined a team as a group of people working together for the attainment of a common goal stated that to build a team is the ability for one to bring people of different backgrounds, different personalities and different talents together.

He said most Unions around the World have been successful because employees recognize the importance it requires to work as a team. Additionally, Mr. Kpahn narrated that working together as a team does not only help to promote peace and harmony, but it promotes trust and confidence thus ensuring cooperation and collaboration.

He at the same, time admonished the Union to set standards for education, skill level, wages, working conditions and to be able to regulate the relationship between the workers and the administration.

The National Association of Liberian School Principals’ National President further encouraged members of the Union to take collective decisions as it relates to the growth and development of the BWI so that when history is judging the institution, the Union will not be left behind.

“Let your records be showing that you are men and women who stood firm, dedicated and committed to the forward movement of this institution and that you played you part” he added.

He also expressed hope that members of the Union value each other, respect each other and know that their decisions for the improvement of the condition of the workers and the development of BWI will be built by consensus.

Emmanuel O. Kpahn meanwhile outlined seven pillars upon which he said the Union can stand to build a better BWI. He named legitimacy in the Union, participation which has to do with engaging the administration, responsible stewardship, loyalty, ethical conduct, transparency and accountability.

He made the assertion when he served as a guest speaker at souvenir program marking the 4th of the Booker Washington Institute Workers Union (BOWIWU) held in the institute’s auditorium recently.

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