Speaker Chambers Office Calls For Calm At LMHRA Detests Bad Administration And Journalism

The Office of the Speaker of the House of Representatives, Dr. Bhofal Chambers, has called for calm at the Liberia Medicines and Health Products Regulatory Authority (LMHRA) amidst internal rift between and amongst senior staffers at the institution.

According to the Political Affairs Officer to Speaker Chambers, Mr. George D. Watkins, the Speaker Office has observed with grave concern some planted stories in the media, attempting to implicate the Honorable Office of the Speaker of the 54th Legislature in the administrative discontentment being experienced amongst senior staffers of the LMHRA, detesting alleged bad administrative practices at the institution at the behest of Mr. David Sumo, the embattled Managing Director at the LMHRA.

Mr. Watkins says the Speaker’s Office has drawn specific attention to the intermittent publication of jabs throwing news-stories in the July 12, 2019 edition of the Independent Inquirer Newspaper and the July 15, 2019 online version of the FrontPage Africa newspaper, describing the publication as meeting no standards in the practice of responsible and good Journalism.

Mr. Watkins accused the FrontPage Africa online news medium and the newly established Independent Inquirer Newspaper of blatantly lying on the Speaker, when they respectively published the same style, content and writings of news article accusing Speaker Chambers, along with Montserrado County Senator Saah Joseph as being the “ big hands” behind the continuing agitating debacle at the Liberia Medicines and Health Products Regulatory Authority (LMHRA) surrounding the alleged administrative malpractices at the institution, countenanced by the acting head, Mr. David Sumo.

“Let it be made known, that Speaker Chambers has no personal interest in issues affecting the LMHRA, but the national agenda of the institution’s responsibility to police the pharmaceutical industry in Liberia for the general good of the people, society, commerce and trade”, Mr. Watkins averred.

The Senior Legislative staff further says that the Legislature works through committees and that issues affecting any sector of the Liberian society are channeled through a standard of procedures at the Legislature, heard and investigated after which specific actions are then forwarded to the authorities of the given instance, where deemed applicable or acts legislatively to restore civility.

Mr. Watkins divulged that the issues that are permeating the administration of the LMHRA have been brought to the attention of both committees of the House of Representatives and Senate, so that necessary legislative intervention and or course of action can be made following a proper investigation.

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