NEC Orders Rerun In 20 Polling Places In District 15 – As Telia Urey Failed To Prove Election Fraud

The controversial elections result in District 15, Montserrado County has just been concluded with the National Elections Commission (NEC) Independent Hearing Chambers ruling in the post-election case involving 20 polling places and ordering a rerun of six of the precincts in the district.

The Head of the Chambers, Mauna Ville, reading the ruling on behalf of his colleagues Wednesday order a rerun of the six precincts in the District, which amounts to 20 polling places.

According to MR. Ville, the petitioners Telia Urey and Bishop Siebo Frank, after the District’s By-election on July 29, filed complaints against NEC for “several irregularities”, they claimed amounted to “fraud”. However, in his ruling, Cllr. Ville said the petitioners, led by lead Counsel Lavala Superwood, failed to prove their allegations against the Commission. However, Cllr. Ville said the Hearing Chambers believes that the quarantined ballots in the possession of the Commission could have been tampered with considering that the Director of the NEC Data Center failed to give the exact time and date the ballots where quarantined and how did candidate Abu Kamara’s total number of votes got reduced.


NEC Head of Chambers, Mauna Ville

The Hearing Chamber thinks the ballots are believed to have been tampered with at the NEC Headquarters after or before they were ordered quarantined by the NEC. The Hearing Officer, therefore, called for a rerun and not a recount of the affected places within 10 days as of the date of his ruling. Meanwhile, co-respondents and interveners for Candidate Abu Kamara and CDC accepted the part of the ruling that said the petitioners failed to prove their case except for the second part that calls for a rerun of the affected polling places.

The intervening party (Abu Kamara/CDC) has an opportunity to appeal to the Board of Commissioners of the NEC if they deem it fit.

The complaint was filed by the opposition Representative Candidate Telia Urey backed by former governing Unity Party, Liberty Party and the Alternative National Congress who contested on the ticket of the All Liberian Party of Businessman turned politician Benoni.

Speaking to reporters following the ruling, Complainant Telia Urey commended the NEC Hearing Office but said it was not her wish for the rerun of only six precincts, rather the entire district.

She, however, expressed her preparedness for the pending rerun of the 6 precincts promising to emerge as the winner.

Meanwhile, the Coalition for Democratic Change has rejected the ruling into recent Montserrado County district #15 by-election dispute case.

Addressing a major news conference following the pronouncement of the final ruling by the commission, CDC Chairman Mulbah Morlu said the party is not satisfied with the ruling.
Chairman Morlu said the governing party does not support any ruling that calls for a rerun of the election.

According to the Morlu, some officials at the National Elections Commission have already been compromised and are dancing to the tune of the opposition community.

Chairman Mulbah Morlu has vowed to lead a campaign against opposition figures working in the Weah government by ensuring that they are put out of jobs.

Morlu added that members of the opposition community who were retained by the current administration are the ones undermining the very government they are working for.

He noted that it is now time that members of the CDC take back their jobs by occupying positions in government, noting that gone are those days where his recommendation of CDcians to work in their government was rejected.


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