Fahngon Descends On CDC Officials – Says They Are Deceiving Partisans About Getting Jobs In Government

On Wednesday, CDC Chairman Mulbah Morlu announced at a major news conference at which he said that it was time that CDCians take back their jobs from the opposition working in the current administration.

But in an apparent harsh reaction, Deputy Minister Fahngon took to Facebook saying that the CDC has always been playing the blame game that the opposition has taken away jobs belonging to CDCians.

Fahngon said partisans of the CDC must erase the “this is our government and that’s our time to work” notion.

He noted that the government cannot absorb partisans or the supporters of the CDC in government in just two years noting that the Civil Service order and other laws prohibit such venture.

He also termed as very poor the communication and propaganda strategy of the Coalition for Democratic Change.

He asserted that every government official and partisans of the CDC want to serve as spokespersons for the government.

Meanwhile Eugene Fahngon, however, predicted that the CDC-led government will be defeated in the 2023 presidential elections as was done in 2005 and 2011 if the ruling party does not stop acting like a single political party instead of a tripartite Coalition involving the CDC, NPP and the LPDP.

According to Minister Fahngon, other members of the coalition like the NPP and LPDP are feeling disappointed on the unilateral decision always taken single-handedly by the Congress for Democratic Change without regarding them.


  • Are you done been sycophantic? I thought you were praising to gain relevance!

    The tuff talking Fahngon had gone so low in exchange to show loyalty to the presence!


  • Pessima Fallah Kollie

    To all CDCIANS: Believe me that election is getting more votes so that you can rule for another tern. Are you gathering voters or separating your voters, whereby you are still wanting to rule the people again?
    NPP is threatening to break away instead of bringing voters you’re dividing your own voters. Fahngon is right and so please find a new statigy by bringing new people on board.


  • I think 2023 election will be a perfect calculated defeat for CDC , because they have massively filed to unite the country politically and socially , as it coined by Hon. Fahngon .
    The minster should have mentioned Weah and McGill nefarious behaviours for taking unpopular decisions , especially in the case of selling positions and appointing incompetent people .
    While it is truth CDCIANS are politically divided due to authoritarianism within the CDC , Fahngon is covering up for these divisive politicians who have been accused of disenchanting many CDCIANS.
    Fahngon did not mention the change he advocated for during the campaign, and his vilifying behaviours towards Liberian on social media , he labeled people derogatorily many times on social media as a internet citizens , scalawag , Carton pushers , poopoo cleaners , cartel and many indecent attributes , i think Fahngon is seeking for political mercy,because he is noticing power vacuum in Liberia .


  • Eugene Fahngon is just being a political frog. He’s noticing how fast the pool is drying, so he’s playing smart for an easy jump when the water dries up at 2023.


  • Mohammed Douglas kelleh

    Fahngon is finding escaping root , because cdc is near to collapse


  • Things fall apart and the center can no longer hold. This government don’t have long life and in fact their days in power are in number..


  • Fahngon, as a sheep has got a time to think and reflect on his bed noting that if the Leopard is calling for goat soup at this time, he may also one day call for sheep soup. When so called real CDCians are calling to occupy all government’s seats, Fahngon’s job is threatened as he is a borrowed CDCian. Fahngon knows exactly what he is saying; he is fighting for his position. If real CDCians are called to gather today, the name Fahngon will not be listed. Fahngon is very afraid as well as his immediate boss who betrayed the struggle before.


  • Believe me not CDC or what ever it will 2023 election any where in Liberia, George weah was looking like a new girlfriend to the mass in Liberia, but nowadays the new girlfriend love die down since he started building mansion and estate for himself, for getting to know that he was voted the Masses to solve so many issue like us rate prices of basic commodities, transportation schools fees the list go on.


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