“Rotten Body” Senator Dillon Describes Liberian Senate – Called On Telia Urey To Boycott Meeting With President Weah

Days, after he was threatened by Pro Temp Albert Chie over his expulsion, Montserrado County Senator Abraham Darius Dillon, has reacted, terming as reckless the recent assertions by Senate Pro-Temp Albert Chie.

Senator Dillon was threatened by Pro-Temp Chie during his induction in the Chambers of the Liberian Senate, minutes after he declared his assets and subsequently challenging his colleagues to do same.

Pro-tempt Chie said, the Senate acts beyond party lines, and acts independently, stating that they are masters of their own rules, threatening that the newest Senator risked expulsion if he contravenes the rules of that body.

Senator Dillon at a news conference Monday threw out a challenge to Pro temp Albert Chie that if he is expelled from the Liberian Senate the people will continue to vote for him as there was no constitution clause to prohibit him from contesting again.

He noted that the assertions from the Pro-Temp regarding his expulsion show the reasons why the country is retrogressing while describing the Liberian Senate as a rotten house.

Senator Dillon has at the same time called on Representative Candidate Telia Urey not show up to any called meeting by President George Weah until he apologizes to her for the statement that a member of the Urey family would not win elections while he remains president of Liberia.

He Meanwhile promised to disclose the full amount of his salary to the media, something he wants the public to know how much each lawmaker earns as salary from the Liberian Senate.

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