The Lango Lippaye High School In Kakata To Build “Sister School Relationship” With Arlington Career Center In Arlington, Virginia, USA

The Executive Director of the Foundation for Equity and Excellence in Education in Liberia, Mr. Isaac Zawolo speaking to newsmen upon arrival at the Roberts International Airport recently said he has come to Liberia to conclude an arrangement with the Lango Lippaye Administration regarding the sister school relationship.

“I am here also to conclude an arrangement with Lango Lippaye High School where Lango Lippaye will have a sister school relationship with the Arlington Career Center in Arlington, Virginia” he disclosed.

Mr. Zawolo indicated that the relationship when consummated will see Teachers from Lango Lippaye perhaps going to the United States and Teachers from the Arlington Career Center also visiting Lango Lippaye.

He also asserted that there will be a teacher exchange program, student exchange program and resources swap among others. Additionally, Isaac Zawolo said he wants to see students from the Lango Lippaye High School engaging students from the Arlington Career Center.

According to him, the Arlington Career Center has consented to the sister school relationship adding, ‘so I am just here now to get the Lango Lippaye authorities to conclude the paperwork so by the time I get back to the US that relationship can start’.

Mr. Zawolo stated that what has remained is for the Lango Lippaye Administration to affix her signature to the document noting that once that is done and he takes it back to the United States, the Lawyer for the Arlington Public School will review and accept it.

In a related development, the Foundation’ Executive Director has revealed that his organization has been supporting education in Liberia especially girls.

He narrated that over the last three years he has been sponsoring girls at the Lango Lippaye High School, provided assistance to the school in terms of stationary, training for teachers and other materials for schools in Liberia.

Mr. Zawolo averred that the Foundation has about 77 students in the Lango Lippaye High School with 65% being girls. Speaking further, the Foundation for Equity and Excellence in Education in Liberia Boss said the Foundation is contemplating on expending what it is doing in the upcoming years.

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