Monthly Archives: August 2019

Five Officials Of Central Bank Re-arrested And Sent To Prison On Allegation Of Money Laundering

Milton Weeks, Charles Sirleaf, Dorbor Hargba, Joseph Dennis and Richard Walker were arrested on Tuesday on additional allegation of Money Laundering. The five Defendants were served a new writ of arrest as proceedings in the initial indictment of Economy sabotage, Theft of Property, Criminal Conspiracy and Criminal Facilitation was ongoing. According to our correspondent, there were plans in the works

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President Owes No Apology To Ms. Urey Says Executive Mansion As Telia Urey Vows Not To Attend Dialogue With President Weah

The Executive Mansion says President George Weah will not apologize to opposition candidate Telia Urey for comments made at a CDC political rally. President Weah during a rally at the Headquarters of the CDC said that under his leadership as President of Liberia, he will ensure no member of the Urey family wins any election, a statement that has come

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