Five Officials Of Central Bank Re-arrested And Sent To Prison On Allegation Of Money Laundering

Milton Weeks, Charles Sirleaf, Dorbor Hargba, Joseph Dennis and Richard Walker were arrested on Tuesday on additional allegation of Money Laundering.

The five Defendants were served a new writ of arrest as proceedings in the initial indictment of Economy sabotage, Theft of Property, Criminal Conspiracy and Criminal Facilitation was ongoing.

According to our correspondent, there were plans in the works for the released of defendant Charles Sirleaf from Prison due to his Poor Health Condition.

Meanwhile, Criminal Court C Judge Blamo Dixon has given a 72 hours ultimatum to State Lawyers to provide documentary evidence to Defense Lawyers before Monday, August 26.

At the same time, Judge Dixon informed the Court that Prosecution have mentioned the Company that allegedly printed the 16 billion, Crane Currency into the Indictment, but there are no records that reflect the Company has appeared under the Court Jurisdiction urging the Prosecution to envoke the appropriate Law to the effect.

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