President Owes No Apology To Ms. Urey Says Executive Mansion As Telia Urey Vows Not To Attend Dialogue With President Weah

The Executive Mansion says President George Weah will not apologize to opposition candidate Telia Urey for comments made at a CDC political rally.

President Weah during a rally at the Headquarters of the CDC said that under his leadership as President of Liberia, he will ensure no member of the Urey family wins any election, a statement that has come under sharp criticism from members of the opposition.

Speaking at a regular press briefing on Tuesday, Deputy Presidential Press Secretary Smith Toby, however, said President Weah will remain engaged with both parties in district #15 after a turndown request by Ms. Telia Urey for a dialogue.

Mr. Toby also told Journalists President George Weah has elevated the discussion on five proposed propositions submitted to the 54th national legislature for possible amendment through a referendum.

Providing an update on the recent Farmington Presidential and legislative retreat, Toby said the retreat hugely focus on the constitutional amendment of five prepositions.

According to Mr. Toby, President Weah wants the legislature support in the amendment of Article 28 which talks about dual citizenship, and Article 45 which speaks to filling a vacancy at the legislature in case of death, resignation amongst others.

Mr. Toby further that President Weah also requested the cooperation of lawmakers for the amendment of Articles 46, 48 and 50 seeking a reduction in the tenures of the President, Senators, and Representatives.

He clarified that the Farmington retreat was sponsored by the Law Reform Commission and UNDP and not the Liberian government as being speculated in the public.

Meanwhile, Montserrado County District #15, Representative Candidate Telia Urey has promised not to show up to the dialogue with President George Weah.

Miss Urey in a Facebook post-Monday blamed President Weah for the recent violence action orchestrated against her.

She promised not to show up until President Weah apologizes to the Urey family.

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