US-Based Liberians To Construct US$240,000 Library Project In Margibi-As Rep. Jones Calls For Unity

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Upon his arrival from the United States of America recently, Margibi County District #2 Representative Ivar Kokulo Jones briefed his Constituents about his month-long trip and benefits attached.

Rep. Jones who departed the Country for the United States of America on July 7, 2019 addressed the media and hundreds of his supporters at the Roberts International Airport. Upon his arrival, Rep. Jones said he was invited by a group of Liberians under the banner “The Association of Firestone Residents In The Americas (AFIRA) to grace its 4th Annual Reunion Convention.

Hon. Jones “A few days ago I was given an invitation, citizens of Harbel who have lived, who were born and who have worked here and today reside in the United States of America called me to be a part of their convention”

The Lawmaker revealed that while in America, he made a series of representations on behave of the citizens of the District and they stand to benefit from those representations.

He indicated that his citizens stand to benefit from the construction of a modern Library valued at about two hundred and forty thousand United States dollars (US$249,000) to be implemented by AFIRA.

“Today citizens that reside in America could have said that they are no longer coming back here but through inspiration, knowing their mother’s home they have gone to a convention and decided to build a modern Library for the first time in District #2 Margibi County” he asserted.

According to him, the group has decided to break ground for the project in February of 2020 in Cotton Tree Lower Margibi County. The Margibi Lawmaker also disclosed that he was given an invitation to participate in a program organized by All Liberian in Minnesota (OLM) in which there was a fundraising rally intended to provide scholarship for Liberians.

Speaking further, Rep. Jones noted that he also met a City Mayor in one of the States in America who is a Liberian identified as Wilmot Collins as well as Elizabeth Gawor who has decided to provide some medical supply for the District.

Additionally, the Lawmaker said he engaged one Jennifer Tolbert who has decided to give instructional materials (books) to the District.

Hon. Jones at the same time said while in American he was given a certificate of honor for the job he has done and continues to do in the District something he added does not belong to him but it rather belongs to the people of the District.

He used the occasion to call on citizens of the District and Margibians as a whole to be united stating, ‘if it had not been for the unity we amalgamated to carry the District we are today; it wouldn’t have been possible’.

“We are saying to you we can make it together like we said change must come, but together we can. It is now time for development in District #2, Margibi County and Liberia” he said.

The Lawmaker explained that today they can boast of a District Development Council that has for the first time constructed a District Office in Margibi County. The Representative recounted that he is committed to remitting 50% of his salary to the District Council for direct District development.

He meanwhile thanked the citizens of the District for maintaining the peace while he was away. Rep. Jones, on the other hand, express regret over the flood that occurred in the District days before his arrival assuring the citizens that he will always be there for them as it has been in the past.

5 thoughts on “US-Based Liberians To Construct US$240,000 Library Project In Margibi-As Rep. Jones Calls For Unity

  1. Many thanks Hon. Ivar k. Jones for the proper representation. We as citizens of this great County are very proud of your leadership. We hope u accept our pettetion that’s about to come out, the vas majority of CITIZENS in this county wants you to become senator of this county comes 2020 senatoral elections.

  2. Thanks to you Hon. Ivar K. Jones for the representation made in behalf of the constituents of District #2 and Margibi as a whole.
    Thanks also for the assurance that a modern Library would be constructed by AFIRA amongst others.
    We anticipate the timely delivery of additional viable social services under your stewardship for the common good of the people of District #2 and Margibi as a whole!

  3. Thanks for the initiative Hon. Jones but on the other hand, you lawmakers action to have made a decision on the people’s money without their consent is a gross violation of budget and County Development Fund law. First thing first, the missing three hundred fifty thousand United States Dollars for China Union must be accounted for.

  4. Thanks Hon.Ivar K.Jones for adhering to the invite of AFIRA in order to perform a duty as an installing officer for their program, besides,we also appreciate you for the intervention and negotiation to construct such a huge project under your watch as a sitting lawmaker of District#2Margibi County, The moved was a spectacular one and the gains are countless.Bravo!

  5. Thanks for this great initiative, Hon. Jones. We pray that these great events will come to pass by God’s grace.

    I am a bit disappointed in one of the disgusting things that continues to drain down your efforts–disunity among the youthful generation of your district. Development doesn’t take place in the presence of disunity, especially amongst the youthful future leaders within your constituency. Evidence on social media has shown that there are lots of degoratory claims and counter claims between your supporters and non-supporters. You may not realize it, but your supporters are your direct representation. This has raised a serious concern among the people you serve. I suggest that one of your greatest projects to undertake is uniting your people–trust me, you will succeed with ease.

    May God continue to strengthen your resolve

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